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Cydia v1.1.34 update fixes crash on iOS 13.5 with hardware keyboards

Cydia, the package manager that comes pre-installed on the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks, received an update on Monday bringing it up to version 1.1.34 with a fix for a crash that could happen when attempting to navigate the app on iOS and iPadOS 13.5 with a hardware-based keyboard.

While most jailbreakers are using iOS’ native software-based keyboard to look for their favorite jailbreak tweaks and extensions, hardware keyboards are particularly common among iPad users, especially if touting Apple’s own first-party options.

Cydia v1.1.33 resolves slow loading after this morning’s update

Cydia, the package manager that comes pre-installed on the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks, received an update late last night to version 1.1.32 to resolve a sporadic crash that could occur if your metadata file became corrupted.

It didn’t take long after the update surfaced that users began reporting slow application loading, especially when refreshing sources. Fortunately, Sam Bingner has released a second update to Cydia Friday evening dubbed v1.1.33, which is meant to address that same slowness.

Cydia update v1.1.32 resolves a known app crashing issue

Cydia, the default package manager installed alongside the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreak tools, received a minor update last night that brought it up to version 1.1.32.

Checkra1n co-developer Sam Bingner broke the news about the update on /r/jailbreak, noting that this release is officially no longer marked a beta since the update fixed the last known issue with the app.

Harbor 3 brings a macOS-inspired Dock to jailbroken iPhones

The application Dock exhibits a vastly different behavior on the macOS platform than it does on any iPhone or iPad, and if you wish that wasn’t the case, then you might take an interest in a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed Harbor 3 by iOS developer Evan Swick.

Harbor 3 is based on the original Harbor tweak, which as some veteran jailbreakers might recall, delivered a macOS-like Dock experience on the iOS platform. With it, you could scroll through your apps with your finger. Moreover, much like on your Mac, you’ll witness a magnification effect as you do this much like what you see in the screenshot examples above.

How to get Cydia running alongside Sileo on checkra1n

In case you missed it, the Sileo Team has officially released Diatrus’ Cydia fork that permits checkra1n jailbreak users to have both the Cydia and Sileo package managers running on the same device. This was a historic moment for the Sileo Team because it’s the first time that an official solution of this magnitude has ever been released for a jailbreak not created by the Electra Team.

If you’re using the checkra1n jailbreak and you want to have both the Cydia and Sileo package managers present on your device, then you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how.

Diatrus to release a Cydia fork for checkra1n & unc0ver that works with Sileo

It was only a couple of days ago that the Sileo Team released a brand-new Sileo package manager installer for the checkra1n jailbreak. The updated installer, created with the help of prominent Sileo porter Diatrus, leaves most of checkra1n’s bootstrap components intact. On the other hand, the installer still upgrades APT to a version that is incompatible with the pre-installed Cydia package manager, thus uninstalling it in the process.

If you were hoping that you could finally use Sileo on your checkra1n device without having to uninstall Cydia, then the Sileo Team’s updated installer probably left you disappointed. Fortunately, Diatrus seems to be working on a solution that could answer the community’s cries to have both package managers present on the same checkra1n or unc0ver device.

Installer 5 package manager officially released for jailbroken devices

It was only a couple of weeks ago that the Zebra package manager came out of beta to become publicly available to jailbreakers who wanted to a modern alternative to Cydia, but as of today, Zebra isn’t the only option.

Announced just this morning via the AppTapp Twitter page, it now seems that Installer 5 is officially out of beta and can be installed on jailbroken handsets running iOS 10 and later. Veteran jailbreakers may already be familiar with Installer, but the latest iteration has been rebuilt with newer versions of iOS in mind.

How to install Zebra on your jailbroken device

The Zebra package manager for jailbroken handsets is officially out of beta as of today, and if you have any intention of installing it on your device(s), then you might be pleased to learn that it’s a fairly straightforward process with no strings attached.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you the steps necessary to install the all-new Zebra package manager on any jailbroken device running iOS 9 through 13.

Zebra package manager officially debuts for jailbroken iOS 9-13 devices

Cydia has enjoyed its throne as the king of package managers on jailbroken handsets for more than a decade, but are we quickly entering a day and age where the tried and true Cydia will pass on the torch to something new?

One might be inclined to think so; especially now that Zebra, a popular third-party alternative to Cydia, is kicking off the new year in 2020 with an official public release. Zebra has been in beta testing for quite some time, but as of Wednesday afternoon, the package manager is no longer in beta, and it should be safe enough for the general public to go ahead and try on their own.

How to get Sileo on the checkra1n jailbreak

In case you haven’t already heard, the Sileo Team’s Sileo package manager is now officially available for iOS 13 for the first time on the bootrom exploit-based checkra1n jailbreak, and it’s the first time Sileo has been made available for a jailbreak not authored by the Electra Team.

If you’re interested in getting Sileo on your checkra1n device immediately, then you’ve come to the right place. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the steps to do so.

Sileo is now available for the checkra1n jailbreak

It was only a couple of days ago that the Sileo Team announced the upcoming release of the Sileo package manager for iOS 13 on the new bootrom-based checkra1n jailbreak. Early morning on this Christmas Day, the Sileo Team delivered on that promise.

In an announcement shared just this morning, the Sileo Team said that users could add a custom repository to their Cydia app on the checkra1n jailbreak to find everything they would need to install Sileo on their liberated iOS 13 device:

Sileo is coming to the checkra1n jailbreak, one way or another

Much of the jailbreak community’s attention has shifted toward the new checkra1n jailbreak in recent months given just how powerful of an exploit it takes advantage of. The jailbreak is still in its public beta stages today, and its software loader only installs the Cydia package manager out of the box. But could that soon change?

An announcement shared by the official GetSileo Twitter page Monday afternoon reveals that Sileo for iOS 13 will officially ship two more days from now. What’s more is the release will commemorate the one-year anniversary of the day the first beta of the Sileo package manager project became available for testing: