Parcility is an upcoming website & API for browsing jailbreak repositories

In most scenarios, someone with the desire to view jailbreak apps and tweaks would need to fire up their jailbroken device and launch a package manager such as Cydia, Installer, Sileo, or Zebra to do so. Sometimes, however, you might fancy searching for specific packages hosted on your favorite repositories even when your jailbroken device isn’t in reach, and this poses unique challenges in and of itself.

An upcoming website and API dubbed Parcility will strive to make all of this information readily available from virtually any web browser, whether you’re using a personal computer or a non-jailbroken device to browse jailbreak-centric repositories. Citing the concept’s release post on /r/jailbreak, Parcility will index more than 600 individual repositories, and this equates to a whole lot of browsing power.

The concept may sound familiar and that’s because an existing website known as iOS Repo Updates already lets users browse various repositories from any web browser of their choosing. Parcility appears to offer a lot of the same functionality (and then some), along with a beautifully-crafted user interface that will make using it both a breeze and a pleasure.

From what we can gather, Parcility will support the following features once it is realized:

  • Browse packages from 600+ community repositories
  • Search a database using several parameters, including name, author, bundle ID, and tagline
  • A curated home page that highlights the most popular packages from top repositories
  • View all the packages by a specific author and the repositories that they publish on
  • Utilize shortcuts to add packages to a package manager of your choosing
  • Support for icons
  • Full-featured tweak depiction pages
  • Download .DEB files of free packages directly from the web
  • View package price information directly from the web
  • Curated tweak review links
  • Notifications if a package is prone to battery drainage
  • And much more

Parcility also brings other ground-shattering features to the table, including Kennel and Kennel Live Editor, which will soon become an open-sourced NodeJS module that renders Sileo’s native depictions as HTML depictions. Moreover, Parcility includes an API that could result in unique repository-centric tools down the road, perhaps even a broader selection of package managers.

Parcility is a project being undertaken by Zenith, a team of developers that claim to be devoted to making powerful, yet simplistic experiences. While we plan to cover the release when it happens, those interested in Parcility would also do good to follow the team’s web page for live updates as they happen.

It seems like Parcility could quickly become a powerful and popular tool among jailbreakers. Do you plant to use it when it launches? Let us know in the comments section below.