Legizmo Kincaid launches on Chariz, letting jailbreakers on iOS 15 pair unsupported Apple Watches

In the months ahead of Halloween this year, we talked a bit about a project called Legizmo Kincaid by lunotech11 that could be used on jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices (the latter via TrollStore) to pair Apple Watches running newer versions of watchOS with older versions of iOS.

Legizmo Kincaid promo banner.

While Legizmo Kincaid was originally only available to Patreon subscribers, that changed on Friday when the package made its way to the Chariz repository, a move that officially made it available to the general public without a Patreon subscription for the first time since its conception.

With Legizmo Kincaid, users can pair an Apple Watch running watchOS 9 with their iPhone running iOS 14 or 15. The package is already fully compatible with both rootless and non-rootless iOS 15 jailbreaks, with the former being intended to support the yet-to-be-released Cheyote jailbreak by the Odyssey Team and the latter being intended to support palera1n for checkm8-vulnerable A9-A11 devices.

Once installed, Legizmo Kincaid makes the pairing process between the incompatible watchOS 9 firmware and iOS 14 or 15 firmware as smooth as butter. Unsupported services are replaced with supported ones or ignored outright instead. Users can still receive messages, phone calls, and use other features in stock apps that are inter-compatible between the firmware versions despite being unofficially supported by Apple.

Legizmo Kincaid pairing process.

Legizmo Kincaid joins existing Legizmo projects, such as Legizmo Grace, which is designed for the pairing and using of Apple Watches running watchOS 1.0-7.x on iOS 12 or later, and Legizmo Jupiter, which is designed for running watchOS 1.0-8.5 on iOS 13 or later. Obviously, Legizmo Kincaid is the only one designed for use with watchOS 9 and the latest Apple Watches, including the Apple Watch Ultra.

Jailbreakers who are interested in snagging Legizmo Grace can do so from the Chariz repository via their favorite package manager app for $4.99. That price is an absolute steal to be able to use your modern Apple Watch with an outdated version of iOS as you await a jailbreak release or use the palera1n jailbreak instead.

Are you taking advantage of Legizmo Kincaid yet? We’re excited to find out in the comments section down below.