Legizmo helps jailbreakers pair older versions of iOS with unsupported versions of watchOS

Nine times out of ten, you’re going to see jailbreakers using older iPhones with not-so-current versions of iOS on them, and this tends to pose an issue when you’re also trying to get the latest and greatest Apple Watch and load the newest version of watchOS on it.

Fortunately, it’s possible for jailbreakers to have their cake and eat it too all thanks to a pair of jailbreak tweaks dubbed Legizmo ‘Grace’ and Legizmo ‘Jupiter,’ each by iOS developer lunotech11. That’s because these tweaks let jailbreakers on older versions of iOS pair with, connect to, and update to unsupported versions of watchOS on their paired Apple Watch.

Longtime jailbreakers may remember when we posted about the Legizmo public beta in September of 2020, however we’re now witnessing the official public debut of two versions of Legizmo, named Grace and Jupiter respectively, and each provide support for different versions of iOS and watchOS. Having said that, you’ll want to use the one that pertains to you if you plan to use an Apple Watch with a newer version of watchOS with your jailbroken iPhone on older firmware.

To boil things down as simply as we can:

  • Legizmo ‘Grace’: Is designed to allow the pairing and using of Apple Watches running watchOS 1.0-7.x on iOS 12 or newer.
  • Legizmo ‘Jupiter’: Is designed to allow the pairing and using of Apple Watches running watchOS 1.0-8.5 on iOS 13 or newer.

Which one should you use? That depends entirely on the firmware combination you’re trying to concoct. Got an Apple Watch on watchOS 8.x? If so, then you’ll absolutely want Legizmo ‘Jupiter’ to do the heavy lifting for you. If your iPhone is running iOS 12, then you’ll have to use Legizmo ‘Grace’ instead, and you’ll be limited to watchOS 7.x.

When you pair, Legizmo will give you one of two pairing options: Tweak Method or Native Method. Tweak method lets you connect and update to unsupported versions of watchOS only while your iPhone is in a jailbroken state, while Native Method lets you pair, connect, and update to unsupported versions of watchOS even when your iPhone isn’t in a jailbroken state.

In addition to permitting you to pair newer Apple Watches with older versions of iOS, Legizmo attempts to bridge compatibility for newer watchOS features such as Blood-Oxygen monitoring to versions of iOS that don’t support it. Obviously, not all features can be bridged to older versions of iOS, and this will inevitably be more of an issue down the road as more features are introduced, but something is still better than nothing.

Those interested in trying Legizmo ‘Grace’ and Legizmo ‘Jupiter’ can head over to their respective tweak depictions via the Chariz repository in any modern package manager app. Both are listed for $4.99, so it ultimately comes down to picking the one that’s right for your device and firmware combination:

Do you plan to extend Apple Watch compatibility with your jailbroken iPhone with Legizmo? Let us know in the comments section down below!