You can now download offline music in Spotify for Apple Watch without iPhone

Spotify for Apple Watch now lets you download individual songs, whole albums and playlists for offline listening without using your iPhone.

Two Apple Watch device screenshots showcasing managing offline music in the Spotify app
You can now download offline music directly on your wrist | Image: Spotify
  • What’s happening? Spotify has added new features to its Apple Watch app, including the ability to download playlists and albums for offline listening.
  • Why care? Before, downloading offline music was managed in the iPhone app. Now you can choose offline songs, albums and playlists directly on the wearable.
  • What to do? Update your copy of Spotify for iOS [App Store link] on your iPhone which will install the most recent version of the Apple Watch app.

Spotify for Apple Watch brings offline playlists and albums

In May 2021, Spotify launched offline listening in its watchOS app, requiring the iPhone app to select individual tracks for offline listening on the watch.

You also couldn’t download entire albums or playlists via the watch app. This update fixes that—now you can choose offline music on the watch without ever taking the iPhone out of your pocket. You can easily select individual songs, albums or whole playlists to listen to on your Apple Watch without an internet connection.

The update includes several quality-of-life improvements.

A more visual Library view and other changes

For example, you can now swipe a song from the list view to like it like you can in the iPhone app. The Library view received design changes including larger artwork, animations and blue dots next to new episodes making it a lot easier to spot new content from your favorite creators. Read: How to download Spotify playlists and podcasts to Apple Watch for offline use

Compared to how things were before, the new interface turns listening to music from your wrist into a more pleasurable experience.

Before, the Library view was a dull text-only list of titles.

And touching a song no longer starts playback. Instead, you’ll see a new screen with options such as downloading and shuffling your music. Last but not least, Spotify for Apple Watch will now correctly resume podcast playback from where you left off on another device instead of restarting the episode from the beginning.