TrollStore gets another update, this time to v1.3.2 to fix a crash when bold text is enabled

The TrollStore perma-signing utility for iPhones and iPads running iOS & iPadOS 14.0-15.4.1 (and some 15.5 betas) was updated for a second time on Sunday, jumping from version 1.3.1 to version 1.3.2 with additional new features and enhancements for users to take advantage of.

TrollStore logo.

Developer opa334 took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to share the latest release, noting that it would address the bold text issues that many users had reported in addition to the following upgrades that are noted in the change log on the project’s GitHub page:

  • Allow TrollStore to access Metal, fixes app crashes when bold text is activated
  • Add information about what TCC APIs / MobileGestault Keys an app can access

In case you don’t remember, the previous v1.3.1 release addressed app crashes under circumstances relating to tapping on the cancel button on an app install alert. Opa334 noted at that time that he was still investigating the crash related to bold text usage, and it appears that enabling TrollStore to access Apple’s Metal graphics API was the solution. That said, this update isn’t particularly surprising, as we know it was coming.

We recommend that all TrollStore users who are using v1.3.1 or older go ahead and update to the latest release to take advantage of the most recent bug fixes and improvements, especially since it would address two possible crash outcomes in addition to adding new features.

The TrollStore app will allow you to permanently sideload any .ipa file onto your iPhone or iPad without having to re-sign it every seven days as you would typically need to if using an alternative method such as AltStore or Sideloadly. This is because TrollStore utilizes a powerful CoreTrust bug that affects certain versions of iOS & iPadOS, so it tricks the operating system into trusting those apps indefinitely.

It’s particularly useful for jailbreak apps, but it can be used with other .ipa files as well. It’s also worth noting that apps that are installed and perma-signed via TrollStore have elevated privileges, which lets them do things that normal App Store apps can’t, like customizing certain features of the iOS or iPadOS mobile operating system as we see with apps like Mugunghwa and TrollTools.

If you’re already a TrollStore user, then you can use the OTA (over the air) updating mechanism in the TrollHelper app to install the latest update with just a tap. Those who aren’t already using TrollStore can get the product from the official GitHub page or use one of our dedicated step-by-step tutorials below to get started:

Have you downloaded and installed TrollStore version 1.3.2 yet? If so, then be sure to let us know if it fixed all of your crashing issues down in the comments section below.