How to filter and see messages by individual SIM or phone number on iPhone in iOS 16

iPhone XS, XR, and all later models including the new iPhone 14 series, support multiple SIMs. As a result, you can add/store up to 8 (or more) eSIMs to your iPhone (although only two will work at a time).

If you currently use two or more SIMs on your iPhone, such as one for personal contacts, one for business, and one for international travel, it then becomes essential to have filters.

Thankfully, you can now filter your texts according to the SIM card in the iOS 16 Messages app.

Filter message as per SIM on your iPhone

Filter messages per SIM or phone number on iPhone

1) Open the Settings app on iPhone running iOS 16 and tap Messages.

2) Scroll down to Message Filtering and tap Unknown & Spam.

3) Turn on Filter Unknown Senders. For SMS Filtering, you may choose None, SMS Filter, or any other third-party app you have installed that offers text & spam filtering.

Enable Filter Unknown Senders in iPhone Messages settings

4) Exit out of the Settings app and open the Messages app.

5) Tap the newly visible More button from the top right.

6) Pick the line/carrier, and now the iOS Messages app will filter out all other texts and only show you those SMS and iMessage you have received on that selected line.

Sort messages as per Line, SIM card, or phone number in iPhone Messages app

This is how you can sort text conversations based on line, carrier, or phone number.

Note: Pinned messages remain unaffected by this filter.

To get back the unified inbox that shows all messages, tap the More button and pick All Lines.

Change SIM/Line name

I use two SIM cards on my iPhone. For simplicity, I have given them their carrier names – Jio and Airtel. But this can be easily changed by going to Settings > Cellular > pick the SIM > Cellular Plan Label. From here, tap to use a suggested name like Business, Cellular Data, Personal, Primary, Secondary, or Travel. Or, set a custom label where you can even use emojis in the name!

Rename SIM card or SIM line label on iPhone

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