WhatsApp chat transfer could require the Move to iOS app

An upcoming WhatsApp chat transfer feature may soon allow you to migrate your chat archive from Android to iPhone, but this doing so could require Apple’s Move to iOS app.

An illustration with a WhatsApp logo in white set against a green background
  • WhatsApp is working on a feature that will enable people with Android handsets to migrate their chat histories to an iPhone
  • Importing chat history from Android to iPhone may require Apple’s Move to iOS app
  • According to leaked screenshots, you’ll need to keep your phone unlocked and the app open as it imports your chat history

You’ll soon be able to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone

WABetaInfo, which unearths unreleased features from popular social apps, has spotted this feature in the latest WhatsApp beta version 22.2.74 for iOS. The same feature is already found in WhatsApp beta version for Android. Apple’s Move to iOS app, available free of charge in the Google Play Store, will be required on the Android device.

WhatsApp will ask for your permission before starting to import your chat history. Leaked screenshots indicate that the user will need to keep their phone unlocked and WhatsApp open during the import process. Your chat history is being transferred directly between the Android phone and the iOS device, wirelessly, over Wi-Fi.

Note that you can already migrate your WhatsApp chat history from iOS to Samsung devices. Plus, WhatsApp supports transferring chats from iOS to Google’s Pixel phones. Read: How to stop WhatsApp from saving images to your iPhone Photos app

WhatsApp is testing a bunch of other new features, such as displaying contacts’ profile photos in the notification banner. Recently, the Meta-owned messaging service has publicly launched some of those, such as a new in-app support chat feature.

When will WhatsApp release this feature?

This feature is currently under development. After it’s released to beta testers, WhatsApp may choose to launch the feature publicly or pull it in case of negative feedback. For what it’s worth, WABetaInfo doesn’t have any details about its potential public release.

That said, the chat migration function appears to be in a late stage of development if the leaked screenshots are anything to go by. In other words, expect WhatsApp chat transfer to officially launch in the coming weeks.