Does the MacBook need a touchscreen?

One of the things Apple executives have been pretty consistent about, even as macOS and iOS blur some lines with each new iteration, is the idea that the company is not trying to merge the two platforms. Meaning, a Mac is going to remain a Mac, and the iPad will continue to be whatever iPadOS defines it as. Of course, that could very well change down the road, but, for now, it appears Apple doesn’t have any plans to change that.

But, should they?

We’re on the cusp of Apple unveiling some new MacBook hardware, if the rumors turn out to be true. We’re probably also going to get a slightly tweaked M-series processor, too. I think it’s safe to say that many people are just hoping for a hardware design change from what the MacBook Pro lineup has offered for a stretch now. There’s obviously a lot of folks out there who are ready to say goodbye to the Touch Bar — which is supposedly happening next week.

Here’s a quick refresher: the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro will supposedly adopt the “M1X” processor, a lot of stock RAM, and plenty of built-in storage in the base models. The new laptops are also said to reintroduce the MagSafe charging feature, an SD card slot, and even an HDMI port for good measure. And plenty of USB-C ports, too.

We just heard that the new laptops will apparently adopt a notch, too. Which, while maybe unlikely, isn’t impossible. Which does lead us to another feature that Apple should probably add to its laptop lineup, but probably won’t: Face ID. This is a feature that’s overdue at this point — like multiuser support on iPadOS. And yet, if this rumor is true, then Apple is going to make a big change to the MacBook Pro, bring in a notch like on the iPhone, but not welcome Face ID to its computers.

Which seems like a miss! And brings us to something else I keep seeing people bring up, especially as Intel continues its terrible PC marketing campaign: a touchscreen on a Mac. This particular element crops up when certain other devices land on the market, too. Microsoft announces a new Surface Pro 8? How about that touchscreen on a Mac, huh? Apple’s dropping the ball! They might even be doomed!

Now, I’m sure you’ve tried to touch your MacBook’s or iMac’s screen at least once. Especially if you’ve got an iPad near it and you’ve moved from one device to the other. And maybe a Mac would be better with a touchscreen. I’m about as indifferent on the matter as one can be, mostly because I’m just used to not using one on a MacBook. I’ll fly between a keyboard and the touchscreen on the iPad, and that feels right! On a Mac? Not so much.

But I’m not saying it shouldn’t happen. Not by any means. I even think it’ll probably happen eventually. But I am curious if you think it should happen sooner rather than later. Do you think a touchscreen on a Mac is a dropped ball on Apple’s part? Or do you hope Apple never adds this feature to its computer lineup?