Are you buying one of the new green iPhones?

Apple has a habit of staggering colors for its devices, especially the iPhone. The company has a few, or maybe even a bit more than a few depending on the model, different choices at launch, and oftentimes at least one of those colors is a pretty hot commodity right out of the gate. But then, months later, we're suddenly introduced to a new color that's not too bad, either! And maybe even your favorite color! But, six months in and you probably already have the iPhone that just got a color refresh.

Pro users, do you customize your Apple hardware with color or stickers?

It hasn't happened yet, but word on the street is that in the very near future Apple is going to launch a brand new, redesigned MacBook Air. One of the talking points is that the new design will drop the tapered shell that Apple has used since the MacBook Air's debut. Another, though, is that Apple is going to add some color to the lineup.

Which Apple devices help you stay the most productive?

While it's technically true in every ecosystem, it's particularly egregious in Apple's: staying productive is typically defined by the products we use. It's why folks who watched the MacBook Pro evolve into something far less "pro" were so adamant Apple was losing touch. Removing features in a device that's meant to get a lot of work done isn't a great move.

What do you think of the rumored ‘hole + pill design’ for the iPhone 14 Pro?

Ever since the first iPhone made its grand debut, smartphones have primarily been all about looking at a sheet of glass. It might be hard to remember, or impossible to imagine even in todays' world of foldable phones, but just before Apple unveiled its first phone, the industry had some pretty unique designs out there. And then it all kind of started to look . . . the same.

Did you get or give an Apple gift this year?

A still from Apple's event video showing software chief Craig Federighi opening the lid of a MacBook Air

It's that time of year again, when gifts are received and given. Which means it's a busy stretch of time for companies like Apple and Google and Microsoft (and so many others), all hoping for some of (or a lot of) your money. And while Apple itself doesn't necessarily go out of its way to offer up the greatest deals during the holidays, there are plenty of resources out there to get a pretty worthwhile discount in time for the holidays.

Is it about time Apple launched a MacBook with cellular connectivity?

MacBook Back Table - Pixabay

One of the strongest attributes for Apple is its A-series processors. And now, maybe even more so, the M-series. Apple has galloped away from the competition in mobile and desktop because of these chips. There have been rumors that Apple is going to expand that effort in the future, with a recent report saying as much. Especially towards wireless chips.

Will you buy a MacBook Air with white bezels?

When the brand new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models were unveiled earlier this year, it went down as one of the more significant changes for the laptop lineup in ages. Yes, part of that was Apple welcoming back elements the company had decided on its own to remove. But, still. They saw the error of their ways and eventually corrected it. Hooray!

What’s your favorite iPad feature?

Scribble Apple Pencil iPad Delete Text

I can still remember a few things about owning the original iPad. It was definitely a spur-of-the-moment purchase at the time, a piece of technology that had absolutely no place in my daily routine at the time. But I sure did love that ling. It was big and kinda bulky, and yet still portable. It was mainly a great way to play some mobile games and watch stuff.

Are you going to be repairing your own Apple devices?

Apple's marketing illustration for the Self Service Repair program

Apple has the unenviable task of always being under the spotlight. It's just one of the things that comes with being a company like Apple. (Though, some other large companies seem to avoid the same microscopes. But that's a different topic for a different day.) So, it isn't surprising in the slightest that the company gets some major pushback for the public statements it makes -- especially when it about faces on the matter at some point down the road.

Do you opt for the biggest screens possible?

I can still remember when Dell had a "tablet" out there in the world with a screen somewhere around five inches. At the time it was mocked and panned because the company dared to use marketing material showing a person holding that device up to the side of their head to make a call. Dared, because at the time it really was ridiculous. But, of course, we all know how a phone with a screen around five inches is considered small by some people these days.