Which Apple devices help you stay the most productive?

While it’s technically true in every ecosystem, it’s particularly egregious in Apple’s: staying productive is typically defined by the products we use. It’s why folks who watched the MacBook Pro evolve into something far less “pro” were so adamant Apple was losing touch. Removing features in a device that’s meant to get a lot of work done isn’t a great move.

Let’s face it, a MacBook Pro should have more ports, and a wider range of selection, than a MacBook Air. It’s just how things go. And that’s okay!

Of course, being useful isn’t limited to Apple’s pro-defined devices. And, of course, it really does come down to the individual. While someone out there might not find the iPad (not Air, not mini, not Pro, just the iPad) all that great for anything other than browsing the web, another person out there might be able to get a lot of things done on it. And may even enjoy the experience, too!

Being productive on a device, one way or another, is always a benchmark I have for whether or not I’ll keep it. When I buy something like the MacBook Air I know I’m going to use it every day. It’s my primary device, after all. And I love the portability and overall size/typing experience. But I keep trying to make room for an iPad in my life, too.

The 11-inch iPad Pro has lasted the longest at this point. I love that tablet. But, I also kind of fell in love with the 12.9-inch variant when I was using that for a short time, too. But I realized after awhile that it was probably too similar to my main computer, and having a 12.9-inch movie-viewer that cost more than a grand probably wasn’t worth it.

I’ve found the same to be true for the iPad mini. I really don’t need a $600+ eReader. (Seriously, Apple, launch an eReader.)

But while the MacBook Air is the thing I get most of my work done on on a regular basis, the Apple device that helps me stay the most productive on a regular basis is headphones. Both the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are some of my favorite devices to date, and they help me stay focused. After all, the MacBook Air is always connected to the internet (especially during work hours) and therefore I can find myself wandering off. But with headphones on, I can block everything else around me out and just focus on what I’m doing.

(…Even if that’s focusing on getting distracted by the internet…)

I’m curious to hear what helps you stay the most productive, though. Which device, or devices, helps you get the most done?