Did you get or give an Apple gift this year?

It’s that time of year again, when gifts are received and given. Which means it’s a busy stretch of time for companies like Apple and Google and Microsoft (and so many others), all hoping for some of (or a lot of) your money. And while Apple itself doesn’t necessarily go out of its way to offer up the greatest deals during the holidays, there are plenty of resources out there to get a pretty worthwhile discount in time for the holidays.

First and foremost, how crazy is it that Apple doesn’t do anything for discounts on its own products for the holidays? This has always felt a little strange, and I know the argument is simply, “Apple doesn’t have to.” Which it doesn’t! I mean, the Apple stores are always busy, but they take on a whole new level –even during a pandemic– during the holidays. It doesn’t even matter that you can get, say, AirPods Pro for around $100 off at third-party retailers this year.

Still have to go to Apple.

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve made the same decision in the past, too. Not really sure why, honestly, but I know I have. Available stock might have something to do with it, of course. If the third-party retailers like Target and Best Buy and some of the other smaller retailers don’t have any availability, Apple likely does. So that could definitely be one reason to pick going with Apple, even if you can get a cheaper price somewhere else.

But! That’s not really the point. I’m mostly just curious, in light of the holidays, if you bought or received an Apple-branded product this year for the holiday. If you got something as a gift, is it something you asked for? Something you’ve been hinting at for months or weeks? Or was it a complete surprise?

And on the flip side, did you pick out an Apple device and/or accessory this year for someone else?

I’d fall into the latter category this year. I mean, I did technically buy one of the new 14-inch MacBook Pro models when it launched, but I ultimately went back to the M1-equipped MacBook Air. So, yes, I did get something for myself, but it didn’t last long.

However, I did get some AirPods for a loved one this year. Every single time I’ve been on the phone with them recently, they’ve been trying to work out the tangled web of their non-Apple, wired headphones while on the call. It’s funny in the moment, but I could imagine how frustrating that was. And she uses her phone to talk to people on it all the time.

So AirPods seemed like the perfect present for them this year. I guess we’ll find out when they eventually get around to opening it.

How was your holiday this year? Did you make out like a bandit? Or was this year more about giving the gifts?

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!