How to send Soundmojis in Messenger on your iPhone

Facebook Messenger app recently received a new feature called Soundmojis, which adds audio snippets for popular emojis. As of right now, there are only a limited number of Soundmojis available, but we reckon Facebook would be adding more down the line. The Soundmojis currently use stock audio sounds, clippings from TV shows, song bits, and so on.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to send a Soundmoji in Messenger on your iPhone or iPad.

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What is a Soundmoji?

Soundmoji is simply a new take on the popular emojis that everyone likes to use. Like we have the animated Memojis from Apple, Facebook’s Soundmoji bring life to the normal emojis by adding sound to the mix. You can send these Soundmojis in a regular chat using the Messenger app on your iPhone or iPad. Of course, the feature is also available on the Android app as well.

You have a selection of emojis to pick from, and you can play the sound associated with it before sending it. Unfortunately, Facebook currently doesn’t let you add your own sound to emojis. The company did add that it would continue updating the feature with new sounds and emojis. Apple’s Memojis have been quite popular with users, and you can use them across services. You can even create a Memoji for one of your contacts. If you’re someone who likes to use emojis and Memojis, then you should probably try out the new Soundmojis.

How to send Soundmojis in Messenger

Before you start sending out Soundmojis to all your Facebook friends, make sure that you’re using the latest Messenger app on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to send Soundmojis in Messenger.

1) Launch the Messenger app.

2) Open a chat and tap on the Emoji button in the text box.

3) You will see a new option denoted by the Speaker icon. Tap on this button to bring up Soundmojis.

Soundmojis Messenger iOS

4) Select from one of the available Soundmojis and tap on the emoji to hear what it sounds like.

Select Soundmoji Messenger

5) Hit the Send button to send it in the chat.

The Soundmojis will appear in the chat with a purple curved outline around them, and the recipient must tap on it to actually hear the sound.

Wrapping up

At first glance, Soundmojis seem like a fun new way to express how you feel through emojis. However, it all depends on how Facebook improves and expands the feature. As of now, there are only about a dozen of these Soundmojis available for users. Will they become popular? Only time will tell. If you love sending emojis and Memojis in chats, then you ought to try out Soundmojis, because they are kind of fun.