What to do if your iOS 15.3 update is stuck for a long time?

It is easy to download and install iOS 15.3 on your iPhone. The process is the same as earlier versions of iOS. However, the iOS 15.3 update may get stuck in rare circumstances and fail to download, prepare, and install.

If you are in this situation, do not panic. Please follow the solutions below, and we will fix the iPhone stuck on preparing update screen, stuck on verifying update, or stuck for a long time on the downloading screen.

Fix iOS 15

1. Check your Internet connection

The first thing to do is run a quick speed test and ensure your iPhone is connected to working Wi-Fi. You may use the Speedtest app by Ookla or Fast by Netflix. If your internet is 5Mbps and above, we can call it reasonably good. Alternatively, you may also open Safari or YouTube and see if the phone has working Wi-Fi or not.

If needed, we have dedicated guides you can follow when your iPhone can’t connect to Wi-Fi or when Wi-Fi is too slow.

Next, are you using a VPN? If yes, just turn it off. You can do this by opening the VPN app or from iPhone Settings.

Also, do not forget to restart your Wi-Fi router. This is a handy solution that helps in such situations. Additionally, sometimes simply switching to a different Wi-Fi network might also do the trick. No kidding. Give it a try.

2. Quit and reopen the Settings app

On iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold. On iPhone with a Home button, quickly double press it. You are now in the App Switcher. From here, drag the Settings app card all the way up to force close it.

Force Quit Settings app to fix iPhone stuck on preparing update

After a few seconds, open iPhone Settings > General > Software Update and see if it helps fix the stuck iOS 15 update.

3. Check Apple System Status and wait for a while

Yep. You read it right – wait for a while! When a new iOS update is made available, people from all parts of the world jump to get it and be the first testers. As a result, the possibility of Apple servers overburdening cannot be ruled out.

To check, visit the Apple System Status page and ensure you see a green dot for App Store, iCloud Account & Sign In, etc. In rare cases, if it isn’t green, you will have to wait until Apple fixes it.

Secondly, it is normal if your iPhone is stuck on software update for a while, like 5 minutes or so. Please wait a bit longer before you look for solutions.

4. Restart your iPhone

To turn off your iPhone, use the physical buttons. You may also open Settings > General > Shut Down if the buttons are not working. After a minute, use the power button to turn it on. You may also plug your device into charging to switch it on.

Hopefully, a restart should have fixed the iOS 15 stuck on preparing update or verifying update issues. In case it did not, please continue reading.

5. Close other apps and free space on iPhone

If you are using an old device (like iPhone 6s, 7, 8, etc.), consider closing other apps except for Settings. You can do this by opening the App Switchers and dragging the app cards all the way up.

Next, make sure your device has enough free storage. To be clear, if you do not have the minimum required amount of free space, you cannot even start the iOS 15 download in the first place. But still, when you are stuck on preparing update screen, consider getting rid of unnecessary apps, photos, music, videos to make a bit more room.

6. Delete the iOS 15.3 download file

None of the above solutions worked, and your iPhone is still stuck on preparing update? In this case, open Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Here do you see the iOS 15.3 update file? If yes, tap it and delete it from the next screen.

Now, restart your iPhone and open Settings > General > Software Update. Try downloading the update again.

7. Reset network settings

A few months back, an iOS 14 update was stuck, and none of the solutions mentioned above could get me out of the trouble. In that situation, resetting the network settings helped, and I was finally able to download the iOS update.

To do this, open iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

This will not delete personal data like apps, music, photos, and more. However, all network settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, etc., will reset.

Once the reset process completes, connect to Wi-Fi and try downloading the update. It should work perfectly now.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone

These are the ways to fix the iPhone stuck on preparing update screen or not downloading iOS 15.3. I believe the solutions helped, and now you are en route to have the latest operating system on your device.

Finally, if nothing helps and you are still looking, consider resetting all settings from iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. And if this too does not bring any luck, you can use your computer to download, prepare, and install iOS 15.3.