iPhone 13 packaging has no outer plastic wrap

Apple has eliminated the outer plastic wrap from iPhone 13 boxes as part of a broader packaging redesign, which the company hopes will help it avoid 600 metric tons of plastic.


  • iPhone 13 box lacks the usual plastic outer wrap
  • An adhesive paper tab now keeps the box securely closed
  • Apple wants to remove plastic from all packaging by 2025

A slide from Apple's September 2021 “California streaming” event with boxes illustrating the various key features of the smartphone

Apple ditches the plastic wrap on the iPhone 13 box

According to the iPhone 13 announcement published on Apple Newsroom, the redesigned packaging that eliminates the outer plastic wrap helps “avoid 600 metric tons of plastic.”

This is part of broader environmental moves on the part of the company: For instance, the Apple Watch SE now comes with a USB-C cable in the box instead of the regular USB-A one.

Apple stopped bundling headphones with iPhones back in 2017. In 2020, it proceeded to remove the power adapter from iPhone boxes. To be sure, all the new models in the iPhone 13 family ship with Apple’s USB‑C to Lightning cable in the box to support the fast-charge function. The cable is compatible with USB‑C power adapters and computer ports.

Apple explains:

We encourage you to re‑use your current USB‑A to Lightning cables, power adapters and headphones, which are compatible with these iPhone models. But if you need any new Apple power adapters or headphones, they are available for purchase.

It’s great that with each new iPhone, Apple’s impact on the environment is reduced.

An environment-friendly phone

As an example, the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max take advantage of fully recycled rare earth elements in the MagSafe magnets.

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The solder of the main logic board is made from 100 percent recycled tin. The same goes for the solder of the battery management unit, which is a first for the iPhone. As if that wasn’t enough, the new handsets also introduce 100 percent recycled gold on the plating of the main logic board and the wire in the front camera and rear cameras.

Without the plastic wrap, the lid may come off the box, no?

To secure packaging while shipping and prevent anyone from opening the box, the lid is kept securely closed with an adhesive paper tab until the owner pulls a tear-off strip to open it. This is all part of Apple’s environmental goals and, specifically, at the company’s new effort to completely remove plastic from all product packaging by 2025.

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