Do you like the MacBook Pro Touch Bar?

More often than not, Apple does a good job when it comes to hardware and software. After all, it’s Apple. One of the few true juggernauts in the tech industry. And they accomplished that feat by doing right by the customer, and what the customer wants, over the years.

Which is why when Apple makes a mistake, or does something that really doesn’t work, it really stands out. It’s happened a few times over the years. Whether it’s a software quirk that doesn’t catch on, or a hardware decision that riles the masses, it happens. There’s just no way to get around it.

That doesn’t stop people from losing their minds a little bit. Or going out of their way to make it seem like Apple’s losing its way. Just how many times have we heard “the Steve Jobs Apple wouldn’t do this” over the years? I think Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, should have that quote framed and hung on his office wall.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t done the same thing, albeit to a lesser extent. Apple has done some stupid things! I think the biggest offender in recent memory is the butterfly keyboard, right? I know things were somewhat positive to start, but then it was like an avalanche of bad press not too long after it first made its debut. And despite Apple trying to fix the problem, it never really got better. It got to the point that by the time Apple finally went back to a scissor switch design, most MacBook users breathed a sigh of relief.

(I’m mostly discomforted by the butterfly keyboard because, before mine started to stop working, I think I actually liked  it. I know, I know. Oof.)

Now, here’s the thing. I like when Apple makes these kinds of decisions. I want them to try new things, see what sticks. Not so much in a way like Google or Samsung or other companies, mind you. Apple takes its time, even when it’s experimenting. And that’s fine. And honestly, we need to admit that Apple has to take the time to see if one of those new ideas sticks. Apple can’t typically just one-and-done something like the butterfly keyboard.

Or the Touch Bar.

These are changes that Apple wants to see evolve the market as a whole. Whether it means other companies follow suit or it’s just Apple, some of these things are much bigger than just a feature in a phone or something like that. Like Spatial Audio in Apple Music. Apple wants this to be a thing, so it has to keep it around long enough to see if it becomes just that.

The Touch Bar is one of those big changes Apple thought would work out. And, on paper, I think it’s a cool idea. Even when I see it in action I give it some kudos where they probably aren’t due, because it seems like it should be this futuristic element in our computers today. I’m not entirely sure that it ever screamed “pro” to me. At least, not in its current implementation. Maybe one day it could have been.

But, honestly, I’m glad it never made the leap to the MacBook Air, my preferred MacBook.

There are rumors that Apple is going to ditch the Touch Bar in the MacBook Pro‘s upcoming design change. I know a lot of people are breathing the collective sigh of relief, which is good for the folks who are ready to see it go. But, how do you feel about Apple’s Touch Bar experiment? Do you think they should keep it, and just evolve it in some way or another? Or is it time to say goodbye?

And, just for fun, what are some of your “favorite” Apple blunders so far?