iOS 15 updates the Weather app with robust information, new graphics, and more

Apple is introducing iOS 15 today at its keynote for Worldwide Developers Conference. And, as expected, the Weather app is getting some love this time around.

The Weather app is getting a big update. A new design, with new layouts and information that will change based on specific conditions. There are new graphics that are meant to show more information, and be more helpful. There are more representations for perception, the sun position and more. The new app shows even better information for air quality and much more.

These features were rumored to be coming to the Weather app, and, sure enough, Apple made them a reality.

Unfortunately, while the new changes will make the new Weather app a more robust experience, it remains to be seen if it will pick up in popularity after Apple’s acquisition of Dark Sky. That was easily one of the most popular weather apps on the iPhone.

As is par for the course, the Weather app’s update will arrive later this year.