Apple is discontinuing the Space Gray iMac accessories

Along with the iMac Pro‘s launch, Apple also introduced Space Gray accessories to match. However, now that the powerful desktop is discontinued, it’s time for the accessories to follow suit.

As noted today by¬†MacRumors, Apple has decided now is the time to pull the plug on Space Gray accessories for the iMac. The iMac Pro was the only iMac available in a Space Gray finish, and the accessories were designed to fit nicely with the new desktop machine. But, of course, Apple also sold them separately so you could make the “Magic” Space Gray accessories compliment your non-Space Gray desktop, too.

So, as it stands right now, Apple appears to be discontinuing the Space Gray Magic Mouse 2, the Space Gray Magic Trackpad 2, and the Space Gray Magic Keyboard. Each of these are now listed as “while supplies last”, usually a clear indicator that a product is not long for this world.

With the limited time availability now in place, now might be a good time to pick up one of the accessories if you’ve been thinking about it. Once supplies are expunged, Apple will stop selling the products altogether. Finding them through third-party retailers might still be possible for a time after that, though.

This is definitely one of those “don’t wait” situations, though.

Apple is moving in a decidedly more colorful direction with the new 24-inch iMac, which the company unveiled earlier this year. That device will be available in seven different colors in total, including shades of blue, purple, orange, and more. Those machines are also coming with color-matching accessories, too.

So, if you want to buy the Space Gray Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Keyboard, or Magic Mouse 2, now’s the time.