How to use zoom in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Zoom is one of those features meant to make our lives easier but is often overlooked for certain tasks. Sure, you may be used to zooming in on a photo your friend texts you, but do you think about the same action when you’re working on a document?

In Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on Mac, you can use the handy zoom feature in the toolbar. But there are also additional options for this feature in the menu bar. The functions differ per these three applications and between Mac and iPhone or iPad.

There’s never a reason to struggle to see something in these three apps with the helpful zoom option. So here, we’ll show you how to use zoom in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Zoom in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Zoom on Mac

Since you can customize the toolbar in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on Mac, you may not see the Zoom button. As a reminder, here’s how to add it.

Right-click the toolbar area and choose Customize Toolbar. Then drag Zoom up to the toolbar in the spot where you want it and click Done.

Pages Move Zoom to Toolbar on Mac

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Zoom in Pages

Out of the three applications, Pages is the one with the mostly same options in the toolbar button as in the menu.

In the toolbar, click the drop-down to view one or two pages at a time or pick a percentage of magnification. If you select Fit Width, you’ll zoom in with each side of the page reaching the width of the window. If you select Fit Page, you’ll zoom out so the top and bottom of the page reach the length of the window.

When you choose to view two pages at a time, you’ll see Fit Page change to Fit Spread. This will zoom the pages so they reach the width of the window.

Pages Zoom to Fit Spread on Mac

To access Zoom in the menu bar, click View > Zoom and select an option. You also have a Zoom to Selection option in the menu bar. This is useful if you’re working with objects or text boxes. It will zoom in on that particular item.

Pages View Zoom in Menu Bar on Mac

Zoom in Numbers

In Numbers, the only zoom options you have in the toolbar button are for the percentages of magnification. But if you use View > Zoom from the menu bar, you have more options.

One of the handiest zoom options in Numbers is the Zoom to Selection. Like in Pages, with an item selected, this will zoom into that exact item such as a cell. Depending on the size of your Numbers window, you can zoom in at 400%, for example.

Numbers Zoom to Selection on Mac

If you then pick View > Zoom > Zoom Out, you’ll zoom out a little at a time or with View > Zoom > Actual Size, you’ll go to the default 100% view.

Because Numbers doesn’t offer these options in the toolbar button, be sure to keep the menu bar option in mind.

Zoom in Keynote

The zoom feature in Keynote on Mac is sort of a mix between Pages and Numbers. You have some of the same options in the toolbar button as the menu bar, but not all.

With the toolbar button you can select a percentage of magnification, Fit Slide, or Auto-Center. Fit Slide will zoom to accommodate the top and bottom of the slide to the length of your Keynote window. Auto-Center will keep your slide in the middle of the window.

Keynote Zoom to Fit Slide on Mac

If you select View > Zoom from the menu bar, you’ll see the Zoom to Selection option you have in Numbers. This is ideal when working with a text block or image.

You also have a Zoom to Fit Content option. This is helpful if you have a slide with content out to one of the sides of the workspace. It allows you to see everything, not just the slide itself.

Keynote Zoom to Fit Content on Mac

Zoom on iPhone and iPad

While you can use zoom in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on iPhone and iPad, it’s quite different than on Mac. There’s no toolbar or menu bar, so all of your zooming in and out is done with the touch screen.

To zoom in, pinch the screen with two fingers outward. To zoom out, pinch the screen with fingers inward. You may briefly see an indicator for the percentage or type of magnification as you zoom in or out.

Zoom In and Out of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on iPhone

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Wrapping it up

Whether you need to zoom in on a particular cell in Numbers or zoom out to view an entire slide in Keynote, zoom is there to help with its flexibility and options. How often do you use the zoom feature for these three apps?