Apple is building a solid library for Apple TV+, but is it enough to keep subscribers?

The “streaming wars” is still an ongoing effort. Companies like the AT&T-owned Warner Bros., Netflix, Disney, Paramount, and so many others all vying for some of the money you earn every month. To do that, it all centers around one thing: content. Apple jumped in, too, but, unlike those other companies it’s missing one thing: content.

At least, that’s what a lot of folks think is the case. While Apple TV+ technically has more than, say, a dozen things to watch at any given moment, it pales in comparison to what Netflix, Disney, HBO Max, and other services have. Even other smaller streaming services have more in the backlog than Apple TV+, and some see that as a major flaw.

Indeed, it’s hard to argue that it’s not an issue for folks considering whether or not they should fork over any money at all for Apple TV+ instead of, say, HBO Max or Netflix.

Not all customers need to choose, but many do. The potential good news for Apple is that the company’s original video streaming service doesn’t cost as much as many of its competitors. The $4.99 per month price tag is great, especially with the films and series that are available to watch now. Will Apple hike up the price at some point in the future, especially as more content becomes available? It’s possible. But hopefully it doesn’t happen anytime soon.

But let’s look at the here and now. The time and place where some research indicates that the majority of Apple TV+ subscribers are relying on free trials — and many of them don’t plan on resubscribing when those trials end.

Apple TV+ feels like an investment, honestly. Not just from Apple, which is obviously the deal on a much, much larger scale. But, as it stands right now, I’m okay with paying Apple the $5 per month to help build out the library it’s working on. Why? Because the majority of the stuff I’ve watched on Apple’s streaming service has been great.

And, in some cases, fantastic.

If things were different and Apple TV+ had basically dropped the ball so far, and released a bunch of films and series that weren’t worth watching, I’d be ready to give up the subscription without a moment’s hesitation. But so far the folks making decisions at Apple TV+ have done a good job in curating what’s available, and that means I should be able to expect the same moving forward.

They aren’t always going to be great, or things that resonate with me at all. And that’s okay! That happens with me and stuff on Netflix all the time.

And the future looks bright. There is so much coming down the pipe for Apple TV+ subscribers, it’s hard not to find something that catches the eye. We’ve got a musical comedy called Schmigadoon! coming (not particularly my cup of tea, but I’ll give it a shot anyway). There’s the drama Cherry with Tom Holland in the lead role. Documentaries are in the works, including one regarding Billie Eilish. And the second season of the comedy series Mythic Quest is premiering in May.

There’s the Foundation series to look forward to, which could be Apple TV+’s own Game of Thrones.

Brie Larson is starring in a series called Lessons in Chemistry.

Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto will star in the series WeCrashed, based on the demise of WeWork.

Sarayu Blue joins Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell in The Shrink Next Door.

The kid-friendly content expands with a series based on the work of Dr. Jane Goodall.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more coming it’s just frustrating we have to wait so long to watch it.

Is Apple TV+ worth $4.99 per month? I personally think so. I’ve been able to watch something every month, or at least close enough that it feels like that’s the case. And shows like See and Ted Lasso have stood out to me for very different reasons. (Seriously, See starts off weird and the writing needs some time to work itself out, but by the end of the first season it’s pretty awesome.) For All Mankind and Amazing Stories and Little America stand out, too. I had some issues with The Morning Show, but even by the end of the first season I was on board with it and ready for the second season.

The only show I haven’t watched so far, despite being told I need to, is Mythic Quest. If you like international dramas, both Losing Alice and Tehran are absolutely worth checking out, too.

I have no doubt I’m going to keep subscribing to Apple TV+ when my own free trial expires. But I definitely understand why some folks are ready to call it quits. Not having a backlog of content, and then running the well dry in the interim can make paying for something not that great.

So I can’t help but be curious. If you’re on a free trial for Apple TV+, are you planning on paying for the service when that expires? What’s been your favorite thing you’ve watched so far? Your least favorite? Let me know where you stand with Apple’s video streaming service.