Where is that on Apple TV?

Question Mark on Apple TV

Just like trying to find things on your iPhone or hunting for settings on Mac, Apple TV has its share of hidden items. Although not technically hidden, they can just take longer to find. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly sought after items on Apple TV.

Common questions

Where do I find iTunes on Apple TV?

On Apple TV, you actually have a couple of icons with “iTunes” in the title and you use them for movies and TV shows. Hence, their names are iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows. You should see these apps right on your Apple TV’s Home screen.

iTunes Movies and TV Shows on Apple TV

Use iTunes Movies to rent and purchase films and iTunes TV Shows for television series and shows.

Specifically for apps and games, click the App Store instead, with its distinctive icon. There, you can browse for Apple TV apps.

Where are the settings of the Apple TV?

The Settings app also has its familiar icon if you own an iPhone or iPad. Find that gray icon with the gear and you’ve found the Settings app.

Settings on Apple TV Home Screen

This is the main area for everything from setting up your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to screen savers and parental controls.

Where is the Control Center on Apple TV?

Like your other devices, Apple TV offers a Control Center too. You’ll use this handy spot to put your TV to sleep and access things like user switching (below).

Click and hold the TV button on your Siri remote and you’ll see the Control Center pop in from the right side of your screen. To close the Control Center, click the TV button one time.

Apple TV Control Center

Where is AirPlay on Apple TV?

AirPlay on Apple TV resides in the Control Center (above). Click the AirPlay button and then select where and what you want to send.

Apple TV Select AirPlay Device

Where are the screen savers on my Apple TV?

You can pick from a nice collection of Apple’s screen savers like aerial views or Apple Photos or choose one of your own pictures.

Open Settings > General and select Screen Saver. Click Type to choose what kind of screen saver you want and then hit the Menu button on your remote to go back to the Screen Saver settings to adjust the other options.

Settings General Screen Saver Type

Where do I find subtitle settings on Apple TV?

You can turn on subtitles and select the style you want to use easily. Open Settings > Accessibility and select Subtitles and Captioning under Hearing.

You can then turn on Closed Captions and SDH and click Style to customize the subtitles.

Accessibility Subtitles Captions Style

Where is Netflix, YouTube, HBO, and Disney+ on Apple TV?

Services like these are available as separate apps in the Apple TV App Store. Open the App Store, move to the Search tab, and then enter or dictate the service you want. From there you can read a description, download, and get more information, like in-app purchase and subscription costs.

Disney Plus Apple TV App Store

Where are the Apple TV parental controls?

You can set up parental controls on your Apple TV in the form of Restrictions. Head to Settings > General > Restrictions and then follow our how-to for using content restrictions on Apple TV.

Settings General Restrictions Apple TV

Where do I switch users on Apple TV?

As mentioned above, you can switch Apple TV users in the Control Center. Just select the user you want and they’ll see a brief welcome message. This is great for switching players quickly when it’s Apple Arcade game time!

You can also go to Settings > Users and Accounts and choose Switch Current User.

Settings Users Accounts Apple TV

If you haven’t set up multiple users on Apple TV yet, check out our tutorial to do that first.

Where is Siri on Apple TV?

Your helpful assistant Siri is at your service on Apple TV. Just press the microphone button on your Siri remote and then speak your request.

Siri on Apple TV

Wrapping it up

Hopefully the item you’ve been looking for on your Apple TV is on this list and you now have a quick way to find it. But if not, please let us know what you’re having trouble finding in the comments below or message us on Twitter!