How to get Apple One and save money on Apple Music, iCloud storage & other services

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The Apple One subscription brings the collection of various Apple services for one monthly price. The available plans bundle different Apple services for a set amount of money per month. Here’s how to subscribe to Apple One, what’s included in each plan and everything else you need to know about the Apple One subscription bundle.

What is Apple One subscription?

Launched publicly on October 30, 2020, Apple One bundles deliver services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud and more in one simple plan. There’s only one invoice each month instead of separate invoices for each individual service. Apple One includes a 30-day free trial for any services you don’t already have. You are ineligible for a free trial of a particular service like Apple Music or Apple Fitness+ if you already pay annually for it.

Apple One subscription bundle - plans

When you sign up for an Apple One plan, any services included in your plan that you’ve already subscribed to, like Apple Music, get automatically rolled into your bundle at the end of the free 30-day bundle trial. For those wondering, if your selected Apple One plan costs less than your current Apple subscriptions, you will not get a free trial.

The bundles come in three tiers, each offering different savings depending on the included services. You’re permitted to change or cancel your plan at any time, no strings attached.

How to subscribe to Apple One

Follow these steps to subscribe to one of the Apple One plans:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 14.0 or later.
  2. Hit your Apple ID name and photo at the top of the app.
  3. Touch the option “Subscriptions.”
  4. Choose “Get Apple One” near the top of the screen, above your active subscriptions.
  5. Select the Individual, Family or Premier plan, then touch “Subscribe”.

If you already subscribe to one of the services included in the chosen Apple One plan, they will automatically be canceled when you’re billed for Apple One (except your current iCloud storage).

Apple One subscription bundle - iPhone screenshot

You can use these services on any platforms where they’re available: the web (Apple Music and Apple TV+), select smart TVs (Apple Music and Apple TV+), Apple Watch (Apple Fitness+), Android (Apple Music) or other third‑party streaming devices (Apple Music and Apple TV+).

Apple One: Pricing and availability

Apple One offers three different tiers: Individual, Family and Premier.

  • Apple One Individual ($15 per month, you save $6 per month)
    • Apple Music ($10 per month)
    • Apple TV+ ($5 per month)
    • Apple Arcade ($5 per month)
    • 50GB iCloud storage ($1 per month)
  • Apple Music Family ($20 per month, you save $8 per month)
    • Apple Music Family ($15 per month)
    • Apple TV+ ($5 per month)
    • Apple Arcade ($5 per month)
    • 200GB iCloud storage ($3 per month)
  • Apple One Premier ($30 per month, you save $25 per month)
    • Apple Music Family ($15 per month)
    • Apple TV+ ($5 per month)
    • Apple Arcade ($5 per month)
    • Apple News+ ($10 per month)
    • Apple Fitness+ ($10 per month)
    • 2TB iCloud storage ($10 per month)

Services in the Family and Premier plans can be shared among up to six family members, including iCloud storage, via Apple’s Family Sharing feature. Apple Music and iCloud storage can’t be shared with the family using the Individual plan. You can always share Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade with family, even in the Individual plan, as per Apple.

Apple One subscription bundle plans - pricing

Apple One is available in more than a hundred countries. The Apple One Premier plan is currently limited to the countries where the Apple News+ service is available: Australia, Canada, the UK and the US. Apple Fitness+ will launch later this year. To see if Apple One is available in your country or region, check out Apple’s support document.

What about AppleFitness+?

Unveiled during Apple’s September 2020 event, AppleFitness+ is a premium fitness experience powered by the Apple Watch that will launch later this year. It brings world-class workout videos by the world’s top trainers to your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

The service costs $10 per month or $80 per year. All Apple Watch buyers get Apple Fitness+ free for three months. With it, Apple hopes to bank on the stay-at-home trends as many people stopped going to the gym due to the coronavirus pandemic, opting for home workouts instead.

For more information, visit

4GB iCloud storage?

Apple’s iCloud storage tiers max out at the flagship $10 per month plan, which offers two terabytes of storage that can be shared among up to six people. Your normal iCloud plan is treated independently of iCloud quotas that are included in the Apple One bundles. In other words, Apple One bundle storage is added to your current iCloud storage, As a result, subscribing to an Apple One plan will add its storage on top of what you’re already paying for.

Apple One subscription bundle - iCloud storage plan iPhone screenshot

As an example, if you’re already paying for the 2TB iCloud storage plan, and you subscribe to Apple One Premier, you’ll get 4TB of total iCloud space that can be shared with up to five additional people in your Family Sharing circle.

So, how much will four terabytes of iCloud storage cost you?

  • 2TB iCloud plan: $10 per month
  • Apple One Premier: $30 per month
  • TOTAL COST: about $40 per month

Needless to say, that kind of money buys you all of the services that are included in Apple One Premier, not just paid storage. Importantly, the paid iCloud storage you already have will continue running after you subscribe to an Apple One plan.

Concerned about privacy when sharing iCloud storage with family members?

“When you share a storage plan, your photos and documents stay private and everyone keeps using their own accounts with iCloud,” Apple clarifies. In other words, all users on the Family and Premier plans can sign in with their own Apple ID, which ensures that everyone has private access to each service and gets personalized recommendations.

Apple answers your other questions regarding Apple One and iCloud storage here and here.

Is Apple One a good deal?

The Premier plan is the best deal because it saves you nearly fifty percent and includes all major services. Like with most bundles, affordability of Apple One comes down to the services you’re currently using and how many people there are in your family. The only person that can answer whether Apple One is a good deal or not is, well, you. And to help with that, we recommend reading a detailed breakdown of the Apple One plans in our separate article.