Apple One

How many subscription services do you pay for?

Is Apple a services company these days? It's certainly possible to make that argument. And being in the Apple ecosystem probably means you pay for at least a couple of different options offered by the company. But with so many other offerings out there, it can be a task simply choosing which ones to keep.

Reminder: Apple is giving out Apple TV+ credits as free trials are extended

While Apple started handing out free trials for Apple TV+ at the same time, not everyone jumped on board the opportunity at once. As a result, some folks' free trials are expiring before others. But Apple is making sure those folks don't get left behind.

Analysts say Apple is in a good place to launch an all-in-one hardware and software subscription bundle

Recently, Apple launched a subscription software bundle called Apple One. Well, it's actually three bundle options, but they are all attached to subscription pricing for several Apple services.

How to upgrade to Apple One from existing subscriptions and storage plans

Choose an Apple One Plan on iPhone

Apple offers some terrific services for music, games, storage, and more. And if you’re a current subscriber to one or more, then checking out the Apple One plans is definitely worth your time. You can save some money by paying one monthly price for a service bundle.

We’ve walked you through the Apple One plans available and how to subscribe. But if you’re a current subscriber to things like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage, you may be wondering how to upgrade from your existing plans and what happens to those subscriptions.

How to get Apple One and save money on Apple Music, iCloud storage & other services

The Apple One subscription brings the collection of various Apple services for one monthly price. The available plans bundle different Apple services for a set amount of money per month. Here's how to subscribe to Apple One, what's included in each plan and everything else you need to know about the Apple One subscription bundle.

Apple One is now available, bundles services like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and more starting at $15 per month

Apple announced Apple One, its new bundling options for several services, earlier this year. And now, after plenty of waiting, the bundles are now available.

Is the new Apple One bundle a good deal? We break down the numbers for you

Is Apple One a good deal? In this article we are going to be taking an in-depth look at the newly-announced bundle and its various tiers. Apple is pitching it as a good deal for users, so as iDB's resident deals expert, I wanted to dive in and see if that was actually the case.

Spotify says Apple’s new Apple One bundles ‘threatens our collective freedoms to listen, learn, create, and connect’ [Update: Apple responds]

Earlier today during the "Time Flies" event, Apple officially unveiled the rumored Apple One bundles. It's three different options, each of which bundles Apple's most popular services for various monthly prices.