UK’s EE becomes the first wireless carrier to offer the Apple One bundle as a free perk

EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) has become the first wireless carrier to offer the Apple One bundle as a free perk to those who’d subscribe to its service.

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  • What’s happening? EE, a British national mobile network operator and internet service provider, will soon start bundling the Apple One bundle as a way to entice consumers to sign up for its mobile phone service.
  • Why care? Apple One already saves you money vs. signing up for the included services individually. This bundled offering should make EE’s service even more valuable to would-be subscribers. While this files as the first time any company has leveraged the Apple One bundle to boost its sales, it’s hardly the last.
  • What to do? If you live in the United Kingdom, don’t have Apple One and don’t subscribe to an EE plan, then this offer could pique your interest. You’ll just need to be patient and wait until August 31, when the new Full Works plan with the Apple One bundle will be available to sign up for.

EE bundles Apple One with its Full Works for iPhone plan

According to the announcement published on August 17, 2022, on the EE Newsroom, the carrier’s existing plan, dubbed Full Works for iPhone, is getting upgraded with the £14.95/month Apple One bundle offered as a free perk.

Subscribers get an ad-free access to Apple Music, TV+, Arcade and 50GB of iCloud storage. EE has previously included free access to the Music, TV+ and Arcade services as part of its Full Works plan. The only difference this time around: Customers now also get fifty gigabytes of iCloud storage.

The new offering is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

More carriers could bundle Apple One

At the time of writing, EE was the only mobile phone operator in the United Kingdom to offer this deal. Although Apple did previously permit wireless carriers to bundle Apple Music or Apple Arcade as part of their service offerings, this is the first time the Apple One bundle is offered bundled with a third-party service as an extra perk. Read: How to upgrade to Apple One from existing subscriptions and storage plans

The iPhone maker could continue leveraging Apple One this way, with similar deals coming to cellular providers in the United States and other markets. Apple amping up advertising for Apple One probably foreshadows similar deals.

What is Apple One and how much does it cost?

Apple One is Apple’s subscription services bundle which offers a collection of the company’s services at a reduced asking price. There are three different subscriptions available: individual, family and premier.

The individual subscription costs $14.95/month and includes access to Apple Arcade, Music, TV+ and iCloud+ with 50GB of storage.

Apple One bundle on iPhone

The $19.95/month family plan includes the same services as the individual offering but with 200GB of storage and the ability to share the services and cloud storage between members of your Family Sharing circle.

And lastly, the premier plan offers access to Apple Arcade, Music, TV+, News+ and Fitness+, as well as iCloud+ with 2TB of storage, in exchange for $29.95/month.

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How to sign up for Apple One

To sign up for Apple One, open Settings on your device and choose “Subscriptions” from the root list, then select “Apple One” and choose between the available tiers.

Those who already subscribe to one or more Apple services shouldn’t cancel those subscriptions, Apple will do this automatically after you are billed for Apple One.