Apple reports Q3 2022 revenue of $83.0 billion

Today is the day: another Apple's earnings report. The company, like so many others, has had to battle through a variety of world-altering conditions, including a global pandemic and chip shortage. But, the company's third fiscal quarter of 2022 seems to be okay enough.

Apple reports Q2 2022 revenue of $97.3 billion

It's been another quarter for Apple, and, as it turns out, it was a pretty healthy one for the company, too. Today, Apple has officially released the finer details regarding its second fiscal quarter of 2022. Which means we get to find out just how much money the company brought in over the last few months.

Apple Card currently experiencing issues, including paying the bill

Marketing image showcasing an Apple Card and an iPhone set against a dark gradient background

iCloud, Apple's cloud-based service which is associated with so many of different other services, is having a bit of a rough 2022. The year started out with many developers raising concerns that iCloud sync for third-party apps had been experiencing issues for quite some time. But then various services, including Game Center, Backup, Photos, and other services experienced outages throughout the month.

Apple Pay is now available in Qatar

While Apple's mobile payment option is available in a lot of places, there are still some holes to fill. Which Apple is working on. Today, for instance, there's a brand new market to add to the "supported" column, with Apple Pay officially launching in a new region.

Apple Pay is now supported by ING Belgium

While Apple's mobile payment option, Apple Pay, is widely available across the globe already, there are still places where the service is not available. Which means there's still room to grow. And today, Apple can mark off yet another market.

Tim Cook says Apple TV+ is ‘going very well’

Following the company's announcement of its latest quarterly earnings, Apple's CEO and CFO spoke on a call to answer some questions and give more color to the announced numbers. As such, some folks tried to pry more information out of the company's chief executive as far as Apple TV+ subscribers are concerned.

Apple Music vs Spotify vs Pandora: Which music service is for you?

Girl Listening to Music-Pixabay

Are you trying to decide which music service to commit to? Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora are at the top of the list of options. They each offer terrific features, are available across multiple platforms, and are comparable in price. So what makes each stand out may be your deciding factor. Let’s have a look!

As you probably already know, Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora all provide similar features. You can create playlists, listen to stations, manage your music library, tune into podcasts, and much more. So rather than list the same features for each service, we’ll call out some special features and the differences.