Tim Cook says Apple TV+ is ‘going very well’

Following the company’s announcement of its latest quarterly earnings, Apple’s CEO and CFO spoke on a call to answer some questions and give more color to the announced numbers. As such, some folks tried to pry more information out of the company’s chief executive as far as Apple TV+ subscribers are concerned.

Maestri, the CFO, confirmed in a separate comment that Apple’s range of services, which includes Apple TV+, now has over 600 million subscribers. However, the financial expert would not go into any specific details on a per service basis. Which means we don’t know how many subscribers Apple TV+ has, or how many Apple Music has.

And it doesn’t sound like Apple’s going to change its tactics in that regard any time soon.

However, given the opportunity to talk Apple TV+ up, Cook obliged. While on the call, Cook was asked directly if he’d provide subscriber numbers for the video streaming service. The CEO declined, surprising no one, but did add that Apple TV+ is “going very well”, and that they all “feel really good” about where the video service is at.

Cook said:

TV+ is going very well. As you know, the objective and philosophy of Apple TV+ is to create high-quality original content, and to be one of the most desired platforms for storytellers. I see that happening day by day. We have more shows, more storytellers. To date, Apple originals have received 352 award nominations and 98 wins. We have shows that have gotten significant buzz like Ted LassoThe Morning ShowDefending Jacob. We feel really good about where we are.

And then, as if to put the final nail in the coffin on this particular question, he added:

We’re not releasing subscriber numbers.

Does that mean Cook, or Maestri, or any other Apple executive even remotely connected to Apple TV+ will not field that question again? Probably not. But hey, maybe one day Apple will change its mind on that front.

As it stands right now, Apple TV+’s initial one-year trial period is still going. It’s actually set to end on July 1, 2021, after Apple extended it a couple of different times. And that timing is probably important, too. If you’ll recall, the second seasons of Ted Lasso is set to premiere on July 23, 2021. That means many, many folks out there are going to have to resubscribe to the video streaming service to check out what’s new for the upcoming season.

The only way that timing would’ve been better is if the original free trials ended on July 22.

Still, Apple seems happy with Apple TV+, and all that means is subscribers will continue to get great content (mostly) moving forward. And that’s a win-win.