Apple Services

Apple Pay is now supported by ING Belgium

While Apple's mobile payment option, Apple Pay, is widely available across the globe already, there are still places where the service is not available. Which means there's still room to grow. And today, Apple can mark off yet another market.

Tim Cook says Apple TV+ is ‘going very well’

Following the company's announcement of its latest quarterly earnings, Apple's CEO and CFO spoke on a call to answer some questions and give more color to the announced numbers. As such, some folks tried to pry more information out of the company's chief executive as far as Apple TV+ subscribers are concerned.

What is on your bank statement?

iPhone Question Mark - Apple Billing

If you’re reviewing your bank statement and see a charge with “,” you might be wondering what it’s for. Obviously, you’ve purchased something from Apple, but maybe you don’t recall doing so or don’t recognize the amount.

Here we’ll explain why shows up on your statement and how to find out exactly what it’s for.

How many subscription services do you pay for?

Is Apple a services company these days? It's certainly possible to make that argument. And being in the Apple ecosystem probably means you pay for at least a couple of different options offered by the company. But with so many other offerings out there, it can be a task simply choosing which ones to keep.

The next set of Apple services may be hiding in plain sight

Apple one bundle icons

Apple’s Services business continues to rake in billions of dollars each quarter, with the App Store alone setting a new single-day spending record of over $540 million on New Year’s Day, according to the company. Some of the paid services from the company include offerings such as Apple Fitness+, Apple TV+ and Apple News+, but the next set of Apple services "may be hiding in plain sight", according to Loup Ventures analyst Andrew Murphy.