Apple Card currently experiencing issues, including paying the bill

iCloud, Apple’s cloud-based service which is associated with so many of different other services, is having a bit of a rough 2022. The year started out with many developers raising concerns that iCloud sync for third-party apps had been experiencing issues for quite some time. But then various services, including Game Center, Backup, Photos, and other services experienced outages throughout the month.

Apple Card

And apparently Apple Card didn’t want to be left out. As first noted on Monday by ZolloTech’s Aaron Zollo on Twitter, many Apple Card customers may be experiencing issues with their credit card. Namely, with doing things like applying for the card, adding the credit card to Apple’s Wallet app, or even just paying the bill. Apparently¬†using the Apple Card still works. At least, that’s according to Apple’s official System Status page, which is currently showing a yellow icon next to Apple Card.

Zollo noted that many customers have run into a “Account Services Unavailable” while trying to pair their bill:

That tells us that, while many Apple Card customers may have been experiencing issues for some time today, Apple’s only recently showed anything official on the matter. To its credit, though, Apple’s page does indicate the outage has been going on since 7:26 AM PT/10:26 AM ET today.

From Apple’s support page:

Some users may not be able to add Apple Card to Wallet, pay their bill, apply for Apple Card.

As is par for the course, the official System Status page only tells us when something has gone awry. It says that “some users” may be impacted by whatever outage is happening, and it does not give us a clear indication when the problem will be fixed. But, hopefully Apple is on it and there will be a patch issued sooner rather than later.

If you’re an Apple Card customer, have you run into any issues today?