Apple’s iCloud Backup, Drive, Photos, and more suffering from issue that may impact usage

Every once in a while, Apple’s cloud services, and the features/apps attached to them, run into a bit of an issue. Typically speaking, Apple isn’t quick to go out of its way to detail what those issues might be. But, the company’s official system status page can let us all know when a problem crops up.

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So while the details might be a bit hard to nail down, we at least know that if you are experiencing some usability issues with some iCloud-linked services, you’re probably not the only one. As of January 10, 2022, Apple is currently reporting that iCloud Backup, iCloud Drive, iCloud Bookmarks & Tabs, iCloud Keychain, and Photos are all experiencing an issue.

The issue was first noticed by 9to5Mac today. According to Apple’s system status page, the issue –whatever it might be– has been going on since 3:53 AM PT/6:53 AM ET. The page say that “some users are affected” and that the issue is still “ongoing.”

As is par for the course, Apple’s additional details are light:

This service may be slow or unavailable.

Even though the issue is still ongoing, it may not be impacting all users.

When the issues are fixed and Apple’s system status page goes green across the board, we will update this post accordingly.