Apple’s Services division sets a new all-time record as it brings in $17.5 billion

Earlier today, Apple announced the results for its third fiscal quarter. It was another dominant stretch of three months for the company, and, of course, its Services division. As has become the norm for these results, it’s the Services division that continues to break records.

Today, Apple announced that it brought in over $80 billion in revenue during the third fiscal quarter. And, at the same time, confirmed that the Services division managed to bring in a grand total of $17.49 billion all on its own. It has been a trend going on for quite some time now, and a strong indicator that Apple expects to see it continue well into the future.

Which is probably why services like Apple Music, Apple Fitness+, the Apple Card, and others have become so important for the company.

As mentioned above, Services brought in almost $18 billion all on its own. Service revenue has been trending up for quite some time now. In the second fiscal quarter of 2020, it reached a new all-time high record of $13.3 billion. Since then, it’s just been setting new records ever since. In the second fiscal quarter, Apple’s Services division brought in $16.9 billion in revenue.

Apple also confirmed today that the company now has more than 700 million subscriptions across its services. That’s an increase of 150 million compared to this time last year. And it’s four times the number of paid subscriptions the company had just four years ago.

The Services division encompasses a lot of different options for Apple at this point. It really begins with iCloud. From there, services like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, Apple One, the Apple Card, and many others all it nice and snug under the Apple-branded umbrella.

How many of these services are you signed up for now?