Apple unveils Fitness+, a new service designed to help you stay healthy

Apple loves its services, and now it has yet another one — but this is all about your health and fitness.

There are a catalog of videos to choose from, either on your Apple Watch, the Apple TV, the iPhone, or the iPad. It will send the metrics on your watch, and on the screen in front of you while you’re working out. Real time events will happen to help you stay motivated and in tune with how you are doing. If your trainer says to check your heart rate, for instance, that data will be showcased primarily, and more easily visible, on the Apple Watch.

When you finish a workout session, you’ll see a nice wrap-up of what you accomplished. You’ll see your closed workout rings.

Yoga, cycling, dance, treadmill walk and run, strength training, core training, HITT, rowing, and mindful cool downs are all covered in Fitness+. Many of the workouts don’t require any equipment, while others will require things like dumbbells. These workouts can be done anywhere, because it’s started from your Apple device, like the Apple Watch.

Each week, the training teams will keep up with new fresh workouts, across a range of times and instructors. Music is also part of the program, with customers that use Apple Music able to save the playlists from the workout session. And the service uses a custom recommendation engine as well. This will utilize previously completed workouts and will intelligently suggest new ones for you to take part in.

Users will be able to filter based on various factors, including trainers, duration of the workout, the workout type, and even the music.

There is a beginners program as well, helping those who need it to build better habits, learn movements, and more.

All of these Fitness+ features are available in the Fitness app within the Apple Watch, along with the Apple TV and iPad.

And if you’re concerned about privacy, that’s another focal point for Apple and Fitness+. All of the workout recommendations are powered by on-device intelligence, and all data is saved directly to the Health app. Neither calories, trainers, or workouts will be stored with the user’s individual Apple ID.

It costs $79.99 per year, or $9.99 per month. And it’s available with Family Share as well. Buy a new Apple Watch and you get Fitness+ free for three months.