Gmail, Outlook, Spark or Hey can now be set as your default email client on iPhone and iPad

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 added the ability to set your default email client and browser apps. It permits your favorite third-party email or browser app to launch instead of Apple’s stock Mail and Safari apps anytime you click an email or web link. This requires not only support from developers who have opted to implement the feature, but also approval from Apple. Several email clients have added support for this capability, including Gmail, Outlook, Spark and Hey.

As for the default browser app, I don’t have all the third-party browsers installed on my iPhone to see which one supports the feature. For what it’s worth, I can confirm that Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome appear as choices for my default web browser on iOS and iPadOS 14.

The way Apple has implemented setting email and browser defaults leaves a lot to be desired.

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For starters, it’s been discovered that iOS and iPadOS 14 revert default apps back to Mail and Safari after a reboot. It’s definitely annoying, but also not a biggie because it seems to be a bug that should be fixed in a future software update.

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More worryingly though, it almost feels as if Apple went out of its way to burry this feature so that only a tiny percentage of users can find it. I mean, there’s absolutely no viable reason for Apple to tuck away this tremendously useful feature under third-party Settings entries.

Unless, of course, they planned all along on hiding it from plain sight so that as few people as possible realize they can easily change their default email and browser apps. I mean, it’s only natural that this setting should be either in Settings → Safari and Settings → Mail, no?

Would you agree that this setting is too difficult for average users to discover on their own?

Let us know your thoughts in the commenting section down below.