How to use Tab Groups in Google Chrome to organize tabs

How to Use Tab Groups in Chrome Mac

If use Google Chrome on Mac and open multiple tabs at once, you’ll like this handy feature added to the browser. Tab Groups let you collect, name, colorize, and of course, group tabs together. This lets you organize your open tabs and keep track of them.

Tab Groups were first announced for Chrome Beta users in May 2020. But even after several months, you may not have even noticed that it rolled out to everyone. If you use Chrome and could use a little help managing your tabs, here’s how to use Tab Groups.

Tab Groups in Google Chrome

Create a Tab Group in Chrome

You can create a Tab Group two different ways in Chrome. Start with the first tab that you want in the group by selecting it. Then, do one of the following:

  • Right-click the tab and select Add Tab to Group. For additional groups, select Add Tab to Group > New Group.
  • Click Tab > Group Tab from the menu bar.
Add Tab Group Chrome Mac

You’ll then notice a small gray circle to the left of the tab. Click that circle and then give your group a name and select a certain color if you like.

New Tab Group Chrome Mac

Add tabs to groups

Once you create a Tab Group, you can easily add more tabs to it. And you can do this a couple of quick ways as well.

  • If you already have the tab open, right-click it and pick Add Tab to Group > [group name].
  • If you don’t have the tab open yet, click the group that you want to add the tab to, pick New Tab in Group, and head to the website in the tab that opens.
Add Tab to Group Chrome Mac

Edit your Tab Groups

As you’ll see, the Tab Groups you create will stay together and will be underlined in the color you select for the group. So, if you open a new tab all the way to the right and add it to an existing group, that tab will move over to the group and receive the color you assigned.

Tab Groups In Google Chrome Mac
  • Remove a tab from a group: Right-click the tab and select Remove from Group. Or click Tab from the menu bar and uncheck Group Tab.
  • Close the group: Click the group name and select Close Group.
  • Ungroup the tabs:  Click the group name and select Ungroup.
  • Move the group: Click the group name and select Move Group to New Window or drag the group name to a different spot in the tab row.

You can also rename or choose a new color by clicking the Tab Group name.

Reopening Tab Groups

While there currently isn’t a feature to save a Tab Group and hopefully Google will add this option to Chrome later, you can reopen Tab Groups if you retain your browsing history.

If you opened a Tab Group in its own window: Click History from the menu bar and you’ll see the Tab Group you created, not by name sadly, but by number of tabs. Move your cursor over that group and click Restore All Tabs. You can also click a specific tab from that group to reopen it.

Restore Tab Group Chrome Mac

If all Tab Groups were open in a single window, these will simply appear as a session in your History. You won’t be able to determine the Tab Groups you used, unfortunately.

As a reminder, you can manage your browsing history by selecting Chrome > Preferences from the menu bar and then Privacy and security. Or, use the Customize and Control Chrome button (three dots) on the top right, select Settings, then choose Privacy and security.

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Wrapping it up

If Google Chrome is your preferred browser or you use it in addition to Safari on Mac, you’ll like the Tab Groups feature. No matter what type of groups you create, it can definitely keep all of those open tabs organized while you work.

So what do you think about Tab Groups in Chrome? Is this something you’ll take advantage of? Are there additional features you’d like to see come to Tab Groups like the ability to save them? Share your thoughts below!

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