How to group video chat on Instagram

Instagram Group Video Chat iPhone

If you want to spend some quality time with your Instagram followers or friends, try a group video chat. This cool feature lets you add up to four participants and use your camera, microphone, or typing skills during the chat.

While Instagram’s group video chat has been around for a bit, that doesn’t mean you’ve given it a try yet. So if you’re a new Instagram user or just new to the group chat feature, here’s how to use it.

Note: The group chat feature we’ll explain here is different than the Messenger Room feature implemented in 2020 which we’ll cover separately.

Start a group video chat on Instagram

Open the Instagram app on your iPhone and then do the following to start a group video chat.

1) Tap the send (paper airplane) button on the top right.

2) Tap the video camera icon.

3) Tap to select the participants, which you’ll see pop into the Invite to Video Chat box, and then hit Start.

Start Group Video Chat Instagram

While you’re chatting, you’ll see options at the top to turn off the camera or microphone, or switch from the front to the rear facing camera.

Group video chat options

During the video chat, you can tap to add special effects using one of the icons along the bottom. This can bring something fun and entertaining to your group chat.

Instagram Group Video Chat Effects

Tap the square on the top left to go to the Direct text screen where you can type a message, upload media, or pop in a sticker. You can also add a group name at the top of this screen. And you’ll notice that the video chat stays open and moves to the bottom corner of your screen, similar to picture-in-picture.

Tap the Info icon (small letter “i”) at the top, and you have options to mute messages, mentions, and video chat, or require approval to join.

Below Members, tap the three dots next to someone and you can Restrict, Block, Report, Remove From Group, or make them an admin for the group. You can tap Add People to bring more Instagram pals into your chat.

If you want to leave a group video chat that you’re a member of, tap Leave Chat. To end the call and remove everyone from the group, tap End Chat.

Instagram Group Video Chat Details

Wrapping it up

If you have friends or followers specific to Instagram, then this group video chat is a nice alternative to a group FaceTime call. Have you tried Instagram’s group video chat or do you plan to now? Let us know!