How to use controls for HomeKit accessories in Control Center

Home Accessories in Control Center iPad

If you use the Home app to control your smart lights, doorbell, or thermostat, you’ll be glad to know the app wasn’t left out of the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 updates.

To manage your accessories easier, you can control them from the handiest spot on your device – Control Center. And what’s even better is that these controls are just as smart as your devices because you’ll see accessories and scenes based on time of day or usage. Let’s take a look at how to use controls for your Home accessories in Control Center.

Adding controls to Control Center

You may immediately see accessories and scenes in the Control Center after upgrading to iOS 14 or iPadOS 14. But if not, here’s how to put them there.

Open Settings and select Control Center. Then, enable the toggle for Show Home Controls.

Settings Show Home Controls iPad

Now when you open Control Center, you should see a few accessories or scenes ready for you.

Using controls in Control Center

If you have a scene set up for bedtime, then around that time at night, you’ll see that scene in Control Center. Or if you turn on a particular light each day, you’ll see that accessory in Control Center daily.

You can also control your devices yourself with the icons in Control Center. For instance, tap to turn a light off or on, or press and hold to adjust the brightness.

Control Center Light Brightness iPad

In addition, you have a Home icon that lets you control your Favorite accessories and visit rooms. Press and hold this icon and you’ll see your Favorites. Tap to turn one on or off or press and hold to adjust it.

Control Center Home Favorites iPad

If you tap Favorites at the top of the window, you’ll see your rooms. Tap to visit a room and then control the accessories within it. And to open the Home app, tap the Home icon at the top of the Favorites window.

Control Center Home Room iPad

Wrapping it up

From controlling your devices manually to enjoying a smarter Control Center, you’ll appreciate the ease of access to your HomeKit accessories in this convenient location.

Are you happy to see controls for your smart home in the Control Center? Do you think this addition is long overdue? Let us know your thoughts below!