CoolStar Tweets link to third public beta of Odyssey jailbreak

Odyssey Team lead developer CoolStar took to Twitter late Thursday evening to Tweet a direct download link to the Odyssey jailbreak tool’s third public beta release. This tool not only jailbreaks your handset, but also installs the Sileo package manager for tweak and app management – Cydia and other alternative package managers can be installed after the fact.

The third public beta of the Odyssey jailbreak comes nearly two weeks after the launch of the second public beta and incorporates a plethora of bug fixes and improvements in addition to updated exploit settings on a per-device basis.

The full change log for this release is outlined below:

Odyssey beta 3 Changes:

– Fixes 1 – 2 second hang that some users got when opening apps
– Fixes rare instances of apps crashing on the first launch
– Should help with black screen issues after jailbreaking
– A11+ (not A12X) devices are now using the exploit settings from beta 1 [with some minor changes]
– A12X is using the exploit settings from beta 2
– A8-A10X exploit remains the same as beta 1 and 2
– Adds a new SG Lux theme [League of Legends]

It’s worth noting that the Odyssey Team recently had its Chimera13 GitHub repository reinstated following the results of an unexpected DMCA take down request initiated by the unc0ver team. Recent events would  indicate that the Odyssey jailbreak could see an official public release sooner rather than later.

Since the Odyssey is still in the public beta state at the time of this writing, we continue to expect bugs with each release. In its current state, Odyssey should only be used by jailbreak developers or by brave or experienced jailbreakers since problems may arise that could result in the need to restore your device.

When the Odyssey Team deems their jailbreak stable enough for the general public, it will be published to the team’s official website.

Those who’ve never used the Odyssey jailbreak before and intend to can follow the steps outlined in our detailed step-by-step tutorial denoting how to deploy the jailbreak with AltStore. Jailbreakers may also take advantage of the new signing service platform when it updates the beta version it hosts and if its certificate is still being signed when that happens.

Have you yet tried the Odyssey jailbreak since it became available in the form of a public beta? If so, let us know about your experience with it in the comments section below. Otherwise, feel free to let us know what jailbreak you’re using and why.