Odyssey is the Odyssey Team’s latest creation, and it’s specifically intended for jailbreaking iOS & iPadOS versions 13.0-13.5. Much like the competing unc0ver jailbreak, Odyssey is a side-loadable jailbreak app that installs a semi-untethered jailbreak.

The Odyssey jailbreak by default uses the Sileo package manager for installing packages and libhooker for tweak injection. If you’re interested in using this concoction, then you’ve come to the right place because this tutorial will show you how you can jailbreak your iPhone or iPad with Odyssey.

Pre-jailbreak warning:

The Odyssey jailbreak is currently in the midst of a DMCA take down claim with the unc0ver team. The official GitHub repository for the jailbreak was temporarily removed pending investigation, and while CoolStar formally responded to the DMCA take down claim to appeal the removal, we are currently awaiting an official verdict on the matter. Because of the circumstances, iDownloadBlog can’t link directly to the jailbreak. This post is for educational purposes only, and it’s up to individual jailbreakers to practice fair judgement. Furthermore, you can follow Odyssey and lead developer CoolStar on Twitter for official updates regarding tool releases and updates.

Please note that CoolStar recently Tweeted a link to a public beta version of the Odyssey jailbreak. This is not an official public release, but rather a platform for early testing. As such, bugs are to be expected. You move forward at your own risk.

How to install the Odyssey jailbreak with AltStore

If you’re ready to install the Odyssey jailbreak with AltStore, then follow the steps below to get started:

NOTE: If you already have AltStore, then you may skip to Step 16 to install Odyssey with it.

1) Download AltStore from the altstore.io website. Both macOS and Windows download links are available, although this tutorial will showcase macOS.

2) Double-click on the ZIP file you’ve downloaded and drag the AltStore icon to your Applications folder.

3) Launch the AltStore application.

4) Click the AltStore icon in the Menu Bar and click the Install Mail Plug-in option:

5) In the pop-up prompt, click the blue Install Plug-in button:

6) Enter your Mac’s password if prompted, then click OK:

7) Next, a prompt will appear to say that the Plug-in was installed, click OK:

8) Open the Mail app and visit Mail -> Preferences via the Menu Bar:

9) Here, click the General tab and then click the Manage Plug-ins… button:

10) Click the checkbox next to AltPlugin.mailbundle and then click the Apply and Restart Mail button.

AltStore is now configured. Next, we’ll install AltStore on the iOS device.

11) Connect your Odyssey-compatible iPhone or iPad to your computer with an MFi-certified cable.

12) In the Menu Bar, click the AltStore icon and choose Install AltStore -> [Your device name]:

13) Log in with your Apple ID when prompted, then click Install:

If a prompt appears noting that AltStore has been used on another device, merely click Continue to keep moving on.

When complete, your Mac displays a notification banner like the one shown below:

14) AltStore will now be on handset’s Home screen. Rather than launching it, go to Settings -> General -> Device Management and tap your Apple ID:

15) Tap the blue Trust [Your Apple ID] button, then when prompted tap the red Trust button:

AltStore is now configured on your handset. Next, we will install Odyssey with AltStore.

16) Download the Odyssey jailbreak from any of CoolStar’s Tweets to your iPhone or iPad’s Files app. Upon tapping the link, you can then tap the blue Download button shown below:

17) Next, tap on the Odyssey .ipa file you downloaded via Safari’s download manager:

18) In the next interface, tap on the Share button at the top right:

19) In the Share Sheet that appears, scroll over to the Copy to AltStore option and tap on it:

20) AltStore will now begin side-loading the .ipa file as designated by a loading bar at the top of the app. When finished, Odyssey will appear as an installed app:

21) Go to the Home Screen and launch the Odyssey jailbreak app:

22) Once inside of the Odyssey jailbreak app, tap on the Jailbreak button to begin the process:

23) When the process gets far enough, Odyssey will say it needs to reboot the device to continue. Tap OK:

24) After the device boots up, you can re-launch the Odyssey app and tap the Jailbreak button again to continue. The device will respring afterward.

25) Sileo should now sit on your Home Screen alongside the Odyssey app:

Congratulations! You’ve just jailbroken your device with Odyssey and are now free to install jailbreak tweaks and customize your handset however you want.


Installing and using the Odyssey jailbreak is about as easy as any other semi-untethered jailbreak released in recent memory. It only takes a few minutes to complete the jailbreak.

Do you have plans to use Odyssey, or will you use another jailbreak tool? Let us know in the comments section below.