CoolStar Tweets download link for Odyssey jailbreak public beta

Ever since the unc0ver team issued a DMCA take down request for the Odyssey jailbreak GitHub page, many avid jailbreakers have been waiting for the smoke to clear. At this time, the investigation is still pending, and no official verdict has been declared. Odyssey lead developer CoolStar did, however, respond to the DMCA take down with an appeal. Now we wait to see what happens…

In the meantime, those avidly waiting for the Odyssey jailbreak to launch have been forced to wait longer than expected to download and use the tool. CoolStar’s most recently ETA for release is ‘whenever GitHub restores the repository,’ but things took an interesting turn early Sunday morning when CoolStar Tweeted a link encompassing what appears to be a beta pre-release version of the Odyssey jailbreak tool:

Tongue-in-cheek, CoolStar included the hashtag “totallyNotLeaked” likely in reference to the fact that an earlier beta had been unintendedly leaked to the public. This time around, CoolStar’s public Tweet indicated clear intentions to circulate a public beta release, which means those who’ve been waiting for Odyssey to drop can now obtain the latest beta version to test out for themselves.

In a follow-up Tweet, CoolStar mentioned some of the changes that came by way of beta 2; those include:

  • Improved exploit support for A11 and newer devices
  • Fixed UI scaling for older, non-notched handsets such as the iPhone SE, 6s, 7, 8, and SE 2
  • Added a new Overwatch theme to the app

CoolStar also notes that the jailbreak migration feature is not yet working in the second beta of Odyssey, which means those coming from another jailbreak such as checkra1n or unc0ver will want to use the restore rootFS feature before proceeding.

It’s also worth noting that the Odyssey jailbreak supports A8-A13 devices with iOS/iPadOS 13.0-13.5 installed on them.

Because of the touchy DMCA situation, iDownloadBlog can’t in good faith provide direct links to the jailbreak tool unless an in-favor verdict is reached. Instead, we can only share the knowledge that it now exists. Those interested in dabbling with the Odyssey jailbreak will need to go straight to the source to get it themselves and follow the Odyssey Twitter page and lead developer CoolStar for the latest updates.

Do you plan to go hands-on with the Odyssey public beta, wait for the official public release, or continue using another jailbreak instead? Let us know your intentions in the comments section below.