Jailbreaks.app is a new signing service for jailbreakers without computers

Unless you’re using the checkra1n jailbreak tool, you’ll find that most other jailbreaks require you to side load a special app and deploy it to get your handset into a jailbroken state. Most jailbreakers use AltStore to accomplish this task nowadays, but signing services are another option if you aren’t fortunate enough to have a computer at your disposal.

Joining the party is a brand-new signing service dubbed Jailbreaks.app, which just launched Thursday afternoon. The platform, developed by iCraze and designed by CaspD3V, can be accessed via the native Safari web browser on any iPhone or iPad to download and deploy compatible jailbreak tool(s).

Jailbreaks.app supports the vast majority of modern side-loadable, full-fledged jailbreaks, including Chimera, Electra, Odyssey, and unc0ver. The platform also supports rootlessJB4 and other side-loadable extensions:

Right off the bat, it should be noted that Jailbreaks.app is imperiled by the same rules and regulations as other signing services. Your ability to use the service relies on a certificate, which Apple has the authority to revoke at any time. This is one of the biggest pain points associated with signing services, as they can go extended periods without getting new certificates after a revoke, consequently hindering users’ abilities to re-jailbreak after a hard reboot.

The good news, however, is that Jailbreaks.app has a working and signed certificate at the time of this writing. That means those who respond quickly to this news piece can visit the aforementioned site on their device and download their handset’s corresponding jailbreak tool without a computer.

Trusting the certificate after installing a jailbreak app is easy; just visit SettingsGeneralDevice Management and trust the enterprise certificate installed by Jailbreaks.app. After doing this, you can go to the Home Screen and launch the jailbreak app you chose to download:

Jailbreaks.app is free and easy to use, does not support piracy of any kind, and has the explicit permission of each and every jailbreak developer to host and offer these jailbreak tools on a single, centralized platform.

If at any time the signing service’s certificate becomes revoked, you can always back pedal to using AltStore or Xcode again if you have the means. Otherwise, this is a great way for those without a computer to get jailbroken right now.

Have you tried Jailbreaks.app yet? Let us know in the comments section below.