Favorites List Voice Memos iPad

With iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Apple brought some great enhancements to the Voice Memos app. You can create folders to organize recordings, take advantage of Smart Folders, and with this tutorial, mark recordings as favorites.

Like with people in Contacts or pictures in Photos, you can have quick and easy access to those memos you mark with that handy heart. Here’ show to mark a recording as a favorite in Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad.

Mark a favorite recording in Voice Memos

As with many other features Apple brings to its users, you have more than one way to mark a favorite in Voice Memos. This makes marking a favorite convenient because you can do it using whichever method is easiest at the time or simplest on that particular device.

Keep in mind that to Unfavorite a recording, you can use any of these methods as well. Just unmark the favorite!

  • In the recordings list, swipe from left to right all the way to apply the heart.
  • In the recordings list, swipe from right to left, tap the actions icon (three dots), and choose Favorite.
  • Select the recording, tap the Share button, and choose Favorite.
  • At the top of the recording, tap the heart.

Mark Favorite Recording Voice Memos iPad

Access your Favorites

Along with the ability to mark a favorite recording in Voice Memos, you also have a Smart Folder to hold all of your Favorites.

On iPhone, tap the arrow to view your folder list and on iPad, tap the sidebar button.

You’ll see a folder called Favorites where you can view all of your marked recordings.

Favorites Folder Voice Memos iPad

Keep in mind that this folder will not display until you mark at least one recording as a favorite.

Wrapping it up

Like other apps, marking your favorites makes them easy to find when you need them. And if you change your mind or are done with quick access to it, you can simply unmark a favorite recording just as easily.

What do you think about the Favorites feature in Voice Memos? Are you happy it’s an option or is it something you probably won’t even use? Let us know!