iOS 14 allows you to caption your photos and videos to easily search for them

If you have been wanting to add a caption to a photo you capture on your iPhone, it looks like that feature is finally coming to iOS.

Thanks to Twitter user @tumajay, it’s been confirmed that iOS 14 –which Apple just announced earlier this week– boasts the ability to quickly add a caption to a photo you take on your iPhone. When capturing a photo, there is a new option that reads “Add a Caption” under the photo itself. We can also confirm that the added content within the caption field will appear in the photo’s description field within the photo’s metadata.

The caption feature works for all content in the Photos app, including Live Photos and videos.

Adding a caption is a nice way to add some details to a photo, but, even more than that, it also makes it easy to search for a photo as well. As noted in the original tweet, for anyone who has thousands of photos available in the Photos app, being able to quickly add a caption can make it easy to search for the photo.

It’s good to see Apple bringing this feature over to iOS. Being able to add a description and keywords has been a possibility while using the Photos app on Mac for quite some time. This will be especially handy for folks who rely on the Photos app on their mobile device(s), and brings feature parity across the ecosystems.

What do you think of this new feature coming to iOS 14? Think you’ll be using it on a regular basis to help make searching for your photos easier?

thanks, @tumajay!