Apple Arcade adds finger-wiggling puzzle adventure “Winding Worlds”

The Apple Arcade game-subscription service today picked up another new arrival, a finger-wiggling puzzle adventure game called “Winding Worlds”.

Developers describe the game as a “finger-wiggling puzzle-adventure about a girl, a Wurm, and how to say goodbye”. The game is available across the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

With the launch trailer embedded below.

From the blurb:

You’re far from home. You’re not sure how you got here. But you do know one thing: it’s your calling to help your new friends, however you can. But not all of them are being cooperative…

Willow just wants to mind her own business. But after she finds a broken magical necklace, she is transported on a spellbinding journey to a network of strange planets, each with a different inhabitant.

Hired and guided by a mysterious cosmic Wurm, Willow’s task is to find out how to help her new friends heal and move on. In ‘Winding Worlds’, join a cast of characters, big and small, in a heartwarming tale of grief, love, truth and acceptance.

For further information, check out the official game website.

Apple Arcade availability

Apple Arcade is a video game-subscription service that provides more than a hundred games exclusively designed for Apple’s platforms in exchange for five bucks per month. Most of the titles included in the subscription are playable across the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

A free one-month trial is available.

All Apple Arcade titles are playable without an Internet connection, serve no ads, include no in-app purchases whatsoever and sync progress across devices via iCloud. The service supports the Family Sharing feature allowing a single subscription to be shared with a family of six.

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