Some of the best decals for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

Way, way back in 2014 Apple released an ad all about the stickers, or decals, you can put on your Mac notebook. It was a great way to embrace that particular community, the folks who love to customize their Apple-branded laptop in unique ways.

Slapping stickers all over the lid of a MacBook (or Windows PCs for that matter) is not new, it wasn’t new in 2014, and it’s something that won’t die down anytime soon. It was fun to watch Apple embrace the practice all those years ago, and hopefully we’ll get a newer version of the same ad in the near future. If that doesn’t happen, though, we’ve decided to help you find some new decals to help you spruce up your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro (or even your iMac, MacBook, or any other computer you might want to slap some stickers on).

I’m going to do things a bit different this time around. I’m going to separate the decals into various categories, like Disney/Pixar, the outdoors, comics, and others. But I’m going to focus on the decals that all feature the same design elements, mostly in that the stickers can be easily applied — and removed without leaving a residue behind when you decide to take them off.

The decals will range in size and fit, so make sure that your MacBook/Air/Pro/iMac is the right size for the sticker you want if you do decide to pick one (or more) up.

So let’s dig in!

The best MacBook Pro and MacBook Air decals

Disney/Pixar decals

Buy Mickey Mouse holding the Apple logo for $7.50

Buy Stitch holding the Apple logo for $4.94

Buy the house from UP for $14.99

Buy the Pixar Lamp for $5.95

Buy Snow White holding the Apple logo for $5.95

Marvel decals

Buy Iron Man for $4.99

Buy the Incredible Hulk for $7.49

Buy Captain America for $4.99

Buy The Avengers for $3.00

DC decals

Buy Superman for $4.99

Buy Batman for $3.99

Buy Joker holding the Apple logo for $2.98

Buy Wonder Woman for $7.49

Buy the Justice League for $2.01

Star Wars decals

Buy a Girl and her AT-AT for $5.00

Buy Baby Yoda for $8.91

Buy Boba Fett for $3.00

Buy R2-D2 for $6.75

Buy BB-8 for $4.98

Video games decals

Buy Destiny for $7.99

Buy Ryu from Street Fighter for $5.95

Buy Super Mario Bros. for $8.25

Buy Portal for $4.99

Hello Kitty decals

Buy Hello Kitty painting the Apple logo for $4.98

Buy Hello Kitty for $1.00

Buy Hello Kitty holding the Apple logo for $5.00

Harry Potter decals

Buy a collection of Harry Potter decals for $8.50

Buy the circular Harry Potter decals for $1.99

Buy Harry Potter’s glasses for $4.89

Doctor Who decals

Buy Doctor Who’s Police Box for $4.98

Buy The Tenth Doctor for $6.99

Buy Doctor Who’s Cyberman for $6.99

City skylines decals

Buy the Chicago skyline for $14.99

Buy the San Francisco skyline for $11.36

Buy the Seattle skyline for $14.99

So there we have it, a wide range of some of the best decals out there for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. But if you have any other suggestions for some awesome decals, be sure to let us know in the comments below!