Apple’s Services revenue hits a new all-time high of $13.3 billion

It’s time for Apple’s latest quarterly earnings report, which means it’s time again to hear just how much the company’s Services division is bringing in.

And, sure enough, Services revenue is still coming in by the truckload. On Thursday, Apple officially announced that Services revenue has reached a new all-time high, coming in at $13.3 billion for the second fiscal quarter. Looking back at the first fiscal quarter of 2020, Apple was setting records when its Services division revenue reached the all-time high of $12.7 billion. And in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2019 Apple’s Services revenue brought in $12.7 billion.

So things are still going strong for Apple’s push into Services.

Apple’s Services division includes things like iCloud, the App Store, AppleCare, Apple Arcade, the Apple Card, Apple Pay, and Apple TV+.

Despite the ongoing public health crisis due to the global coronavirus pandemic, Apple’s second fiscal quarter was not as bad as some had imagined it would be. And it’s safe to say that Apple’s Services are not hurting too much at the moment. Of course, it will be interesting to see how all of these numbers shake out in a few months from now when Apple announces its third fiscal quarter earnings for this year.

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