Apple’s Services revenue once again reaches new all-time high of $12.7 billion

It might be safe to say that Apple reaching a new all-time high in revenue with its Services division is a trend now.

If you’ll recall, Apple has been reaching this particular milestone for quite some time now. It’s one of the reasons why people are comfortable calling Apple a services company these days — despite the fact that hardware is still making Apple a lot of money. But it’s hard to argue the point, too. Services are a huge element for Apple these days, thanks to things like Apple Music, Apple Pay, the App Store, AppleCare, and even new entries like Apple Arcade, the Apple Card, and Apple TV+.

That is certainly the case with the company’s latest quarterly results, wrapping up the first fiscal quarter, which was announced earlier today. At the time, the company revealed that its Services division has reached a new milestone: $12.7 billion in revenue. That just beats out the $12.5 billion in revenue the company announced in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2019 — just three months ago.

And then there’s the $11.46 billion the company made in revenue with its Services division earlier in 2019. It’s just a roller coaster, apparently stuck on the way up. Especially when you compare that to the $10.9 billion Services brought in revenue a year ago.

This was a monster of a quarter for Apple in general, the company’s best ever to date.