Apple updates its COVID-19 app to allow users to select state of residence and more

Before the end of March, Apple launched a couple of different resources for people looking for information regarding the global coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19, the disease it causes. And now it has updated its app to make it even more useful.

On Thursday, Apple updated its official COVID-19 app with a couple of new, but still important changes. First and foremost, the app now supports the ability for users to select a state of residence which will make it possible to see more specific guidance from that particular state’s health department.

Tutorial: How to use the Apple COVID-19 iPhone app and website

In addition to that, the updated app also offers tips to keep “yourself and others physically and mentally healthy”.

Here’s the official changelog:

This update includes bug fixes and improvements, including:

• Ability to select state of residence to see guidance from that state’s health department

• Tips for keeping yourself and others physically and mentally healthy

This update brings the COVID-19 app to version 2.0. It’s still a free app, so you can download it and try it out without forking over any money.

In related news, a lot has happened. We recently reported that Apple Maps had made some changes to its categories so that options like pharmacies, food delivery, urgent care, and more are surfaced first for users. The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, also recently confirmed that the company has sourced over 20 million masks for healthcare workers, and has even launched a face shield as well. Meanwhile, U.S. Senators are asking Apple just how private its new COVID-19 app really is.

Have you installed Apple’s COVID-19 app? Or tried out the company’s informational website? If so, what did you think of the experience?