Apple Maps is highlighting pharmacies, food delivery, and hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic

The global coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, which means some companies are still making changes and adjustments to help their customers adapt.

Apple is no different. As first reported by iPhone Ticker recently, Apple has made a somewhat subtle change to the order of categories that pop up when using Apple Maps. The goal is to move less practical search results during the pandemic further down the list, while moving more practical options near the top. Grocery stores have climbed their way to the top, for instance, while a brand new option, Food Delivery, is just below that.

Pharmacies and hospitals are next up in the shuffled categories, with Urgent Care just below that. You’ll find categories for restaurants and fast food, then gas stations. It’s a subtle change, to be sure, but one that could be pretty helpful for some Apple Maps users looking for these locations.

The aforementioned food delivery option will show users which restaurants near them are offering the option. It’s a super helpful option, and one has to hope that Apple will actually keep this category around in the future.

As noted today by 9to5Mac, Apple Maps’ changes are solid in their own right, but comparisons have to be made, and the go-to option is Google Maps. Google’s option is highlighting restaurants that are currently offering delivery and takeout. And in addition to that, Google Maps is making it very clear which businesses are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Apple Maps isn’t doing the same thing, unfortunately, so some businesses that are closed are still showing as being open.

While Apple Maps might be trailing a bit behind Google Maps in some ways, it’s still good to see the mapping and navigation app making changes to reflect these troubling times. Plus, Apple is also doing quite a bit more in light of the global coronavirus pandemic, including launching a website dedicated to helping visitors, and a brand new screening app. And back in March we reported that Siri can now respond to queries related to COVID-19.

Tim Cook also confirmed the company had donated over 20 million masks to healthcare workers.