Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Appaze 2, Castmary, VolumeLock, and more…

With all the exciting developments happening in the jailbreak community lately, from checkra1n receiving Linux support to the unc0ver jailbreak being on the cusp of implementing A12X-A13 support on iOS 13.3, it’s never been a better time to be a jailbreaker.

In this roundup, we’ll discuss all the latest jailbreak tweaks released from Monday, February 10th to Sunday, February 16th. As usual, we’ll kick things off by talking about our favorite releases first and then wrap things up with an outline of the rest afterward.

Our favorite releases this week

Aerial 2 – $1.99

For those who want more from their Status Bar in terms of aesthetics, a jailbreak tweak called Aerial 2 lets you colorize each of the Status Bar’s icons and indicators.

Aerial 2 is a long-time favorite of ours, and it just recently received support for iOS 13. The tweak works just as well as the original and helps your jailbroken handset stand out from the crowd.

You can learn more about Aerial 2 in our full review.

Appaze 2 – $1.99

For those people out there who like certain system settings to be applied to particular applications, such as max brightness in YouTube or Rotation Lock in Safari, you might want to try a new jailbreak tweak called Appaze 2.

Appaze 2 works by letting you configure up to 17 different system settings on a per-app basis, which is particularly useful for habitual settings changers who want the most out of their apps.

You can learn more about Appaze 2 and how it works in our full review.

Castmary – FREE

The iPhone’s App Switcher is, without a doubt, a functional interface for getting to recently-used apps and closing backgrounded apps. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t look as good as it does on the iPad.

Castmary is a new and free jailbreak tweak that brings the iPad-style grid App Switcher to the iPhone. With a 4×4 app grid, you can see more at a glance and multitask better than before.

You can learn more about Castmary and how it works in our full review.

VolumeLock – FREE

If you have a preferred volume level for listening to media, be it a song or a video, then you might in for a surprise when your volume level suddenly blasts your eardrums from that one time you tried listening to something in a loud crowd.

VolumeLock is a new and free jailbreak tweak that lets you lock your current volume level with a simple gesture. With it, you can ensure that accidental volume adjustments won’t damage your hearing, and it’s just an overall nice addition to your iPhone’s volume functionality.

You can learn more about VolumeLock and how it works in our full review.

Other releases this week

2Dock (iOS13): A double-story Dock for your Home screen (free via BigBoss repository)

Appaze 2: Lets you set custom volume and brightness toggles on a per app basis and much more ($1.99 via Packix repository – review)

CCViewCharge: Gives you a way to see if your device is charging from Control Center (free via Packix repository)

ChatSpeaker: Speak your messages remotely ($1.50 via Packix repository)

ColorMeCC: Lets you colorize the Control Center interface (free via Packix repository – review)

Color System: Colorize system text and toggle switches (free via Twickd repository)

c0mebackf0lders: Prevents Home screen folders from being removed (free via Twickd repository)

Dockify: Configure the appearance of your Home screen’s Dock (free via BigBoss repository – review)

Himiko 13: Lets you close all backgrounded apps with a SpringBoard gesture ($2.49 via Packix repository)

JBPwn: Maybank: Lets you bypass jailbreak detection in the Maybank app (free via Packix repository)

ListSwitcher: Brings the iPhone’s App Switcher experience to the iPad (free via Twickd repository)

MailConfirm: A confirmation dialogue that appears before sending emails in the Mail app (free via BigBoss repository)

NoTouchVolumeHUD: Disables the ability to touch and adjust the volume HUD in iOS 13 (free via BigBoss repository)

Noty: Lets you display test notifications easily (free via Packix repository)

PokeFullCharge: Plays a Pokémon jingle from your iPhone when it becomes fully charged (free via Packix repository)

RemoveThatLine2: Removes the bottom bar in the Navigation bar (free via Twickd repository)

Safi: Brings a plethora of customization options to your folders (free via Twickd repository)

SmartBundle: A bundle of Elias’s smart jailbreak tweaks ($2.99 via Packix repository)

Truecuts: Allows Shortcuts automation triggers to run without prompting (free via BigBoss repository)

WACallButtonConfirm: Adds a confirm button to the WhatsApp app when calling others (free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)

Yakamoz: Invokes an SOS signal with the iPhone’s LED flash via the power down screen (free via Packix repository)

That just about wraps things up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, but stay tuned to iDB throughout the week to remain updated regarding novel releases as they materialize.

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