How to create and use a template in Apple Pages

When you use Apple Pages to create documents, there may be certain types that you compose often. From newsletters and brochures to business letters and meeting agendas, you might create these on a regular basis. If so, saving a document as a template has its advantages.

You can reuse the same template again and again, make only the changes to it that you need at the time, and retain the style, format, and foundation for consistency.

This tutorial shows you how to create and use templates of your own in Apple Pages on Mac.

Create and save your own template in Apple Pages

Using Apple Pages to create and save a template

Create a template in Pages on Mac

You can create a template from an existing document or make an entirely new one using placeholders, your company logo, and such:

  1. With the document open that you want to use as a template, select File > Save as Template from the menu bar.
  2. In the pop-up box that appears, select either Save or Add to Template Chooser.
Save Template in Pages Mac

If you choose Save, it will remain as a regular document that you can simply reuse or share with others. Give it a name and choose its location.

If you go with Add to Template Chooser, it will appear as an option with other templates when you start a new document. You’ll see it appear in the Template Chooser and will be prompted to name it.

Name New Template in Pages Mac

Use a template you create

Once you save a document as a template, you can reuse that template and save it as a new file:

  1. Open Pages and click New Document.
  2. Select the template in the Chooser window at the bottom under My Templates and click Choose.
Choose Template in Pages Mac

You’ll notice at the top that the name is the default “Untitled” rather than the template name. This is what allows you to reuse the template and save it as a regular document.

Edit a custom template

Once you create a custom template in Pages, the only thing you can edit is its name. While this is unfortunate, there is a way around it:

  1. Open the template using the steps above and make your changes.
  2. Follow the instructions at the beginning and Save as Template.
  3. Give it a different name.
  4. Delete the original template you created. (Shown below.)

Rename a custom template

  1. Open the Template Chooser by creating a new document in Pages.
  2. Right-click or hold Control and click the template and choose Rename.
  3. Type in the new name and hit Return.
Rename Template in Pages Mac

Delete a custom template

If you want to remove a template you create from the Template Chooser, it takes only a couple of clicks:

  1. Open the Template Chooser by creating a new document in Pages.
  2. Right-click or hold Control and click the template and choose Delete.
Delete Template in Pages Mac

Creating your own custom templates in Apple Pages is a great way to reuse documents that you often compose. It gives you a jumpstart on your document and already contains the placeholders, formatting, and other items you need.

Are you going to create a template in Pages now? If so, what type of template do you plan to make? Let us know below, and if you discover tips you’d like to share with others!

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