The best free reference apps for your iPhone and iPad Word of the Day on iPhone

If there’s a handy spot to have references at your fingertips, it’s your iPhone or iPad. Physical books still hold a place in many people’s hearts but no one walks around with dictionaries, encyclopedias, and phone books nowadays.

So if you’re in the market for good references for school or work, you’ll like this list of the best free reference apps for iPhone and iPad.

The best educational iPhone apps for professional development

iPhone Business Development Apps - Coursera

Learning never stops. And when it comes to your business career, keeping your skills honed and knowledge of your industry in tip-top shape is key. Maybe it’s time for you to brush up on some skills, learn news ones, or just refresh your business mind.

We know you don’t have a lot of time to sit down in a classroom or even your home office to take an online class. But on your iPhone or iPad, you can learn when you have that time. A few extra minutes here and there might be all you need. For you, here are the best educational apps for professional and business development.

The best spelling and grammar check browser extensions

Spelling and Grammar Browser Extensions - Linguix on Mac

If you take part in writing online, whether a paper for school, article for work, or email for business, add-ons for your web browser can be very beneficial. That’s where this list of spelling and grammar browser extensions can help.

You can check your spelling and grammar quickly, make corrections easily, and ensure that what you’re writing is correct. For your favorite browser, see which of these add-ons is the best fit for your writing tasks.

How to change your Slack username or display name in the app or online

Slack Edit Profile Display Name iPhone

If you use Slack for communications in the workplace, then you know the importance of your username. This is how your coworkers and others identify you in mentions and direct messages. While Slack did away with literal "usernames" in 2017, you probably think of your Display Name as your Username. And with good reason, it’s used the same way.

If you didn’t like the display name you chose for yourself initially or need to make yours more unique so people recognize you easier, here’s how to change your display name in Slack.

How to add, remove and use reactions in Slack for quick responses

Slack Reactions on iPhone

If you and your team use Slack for communicating, then you probably already appreciate many of its handy features. And one of the features makes acknowledging messages or comments without actually answering simple. Reactions.

With reactions in Slack, you can quickly use an emoji or other symbol to indicate you’ve accomplished a task, are looking into the issue, or will be right back.

If you’re just now starting to use Slack or simply haven’t taken a moment to check out this feature, here’s how to use reactions in Slack as well as add or remove them.

The best free time trackers for Mac to log the hours you work

Time Trackers for Mac - TimeTag

If you’re a freelancer, remote worker, or another job type where you need to log your time, then you want a good time tracking app for Mac.

Time trackers come in all shapes and sizes. From those that have a basic start and stop button to those that have built-in task management features, do you have the time to try them all and see which is best for you?

To help you out, we’ve tried several time trackers for Mac and have narrowed that list down to these best ones.